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The next day Grayson decided that he wanted to go sight seeing, considering he's never really been to Chicago. Ben and Riley would be joining us later, they were a little -ahem- busy. I decided to take him to the bean since he kept dropping hints that he wanted to see it. The way his eyes had a glint in them once he saw the bean was truly amusing. He already looked pretty comical with the baseball cap on his head along with some sunglasses, but I knew it was because he didn't want people to recognize him. It's not like he was Beyoncé status, but his family was still very well known for being one of the fastest growing companies in world history. It took only a year & a half for their business to take off.

"Take a picture of me." I laughed at Grayson & his tourist tendencies. Once I snapped the picture he came up to me & took a picture of us together. He was so close to me that I could feel the heat radiating off of his face.

I turned to Grayson & said, "That looks really good." He snaked his hand onto the small of my back causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach. He looked at the picture & than back down at me & smiled as he said, "it certainly does." I noticed a bright light coming from the other side of the bean, but I figured it was just a tourist taking pictures. Grayson was a little more suspicious.

I noticed a man walking around the bean with a camera, except his eyes weren't on the bean.

They were on Grayson.

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