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I could hear distant voices but my entire world was still dark.

The beeping noises of machines were getting closer, but my world was still dark.

I could recognize the voices now, but my world was still dark.

I tried to open my eyes but something was fighting me on that, whether it was the fatigue or the fear of coming out of the dark, I didn't fight it. The darkness welcomed me with open arms, until I was jerked back & a bright light suddenly met my pupils. My surroundings were blurry but I was still able to tell I was in a hospital. A large hand was hovering above me, messing with the machine. I flinched when I felt an oxygen mask being pulled over my face. My eyes began to adjust & the fave in front of me was no longer blurry.

"E-Everest?" I breathed out. All of his features made me believe it really was him, that we wouldn't be separated anymore, but the mans face slowly began to contort into my biggest fear.

"Nope, not Everest." I nearly jumped out of the bed at the sight of the familiar smirk that spread across Andrews lips. The glint in his eyes is what scared me the most. Some would mistake the look in his eyes as happiness or relief, but I could see past those deep brown irises & all I could see was red. Blood shot anger. I tried to get out of the bed but his hand wrapped tightly around my wrist, keeping my weak body down.

"Why'd you make me come all the way to New York?" I stayed silent, fear filling my body to its brink as Andrews smirk fled his face. "Don't look so disappointed to see me Linoy, who else were you expecting? I am your emergency contact after all." My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Does that mean Grayson left? I hadn't seen him since I was laying on New York's cold concrete, & even than it was hard to see him. Before I could respond the doctor came in, Andrew quick to retract his hand from my wrist, the other swiftly putting my oxygen mask back on.

"It's nice to see that you're awake Linoy, how do you feel?"

"Like I'm going to be sick." I said as I glanced at Andrew. The doctor pretended to not catch it as he cleared his throat & continued. "Well it looks like you fainted due to lack of nutritional intake. Do you suffer from any eating disorders?"

Eating disorder?

I let those two words digest in my stomach, only for me to lean over the bed & throw up all over the floor. I mumbled an apology as Andrew held my hair back while rubbing my back. The doctor said it was alright as he went to go call a nurse to clean it up, guilt immediately swirling in my stomach. Once it was just me & Andrew in the room, his previous anger no longer showed on his face. Instead he looked concerned.

"Eating disorder?" He said as he rested his hand on top of my head.

"T-the doctor doesn't know what he's talking about, I don't have an eating disorder. That's ridiculous." Annoyance crossed Andrews face as he went to shut the door. Confusion flashed through my mind before he came back & yanked the blanket backwards, revealing my naked body. I tried to cover myself back up, but Andrew only pushed my hands away. His eyes ran all over me & I never wanted to be anywhere else in my life so bad.

"Really? No eating disorder? Look at you! You look like a fucking corpse that just came out of a concentration camp!"

I didn't think it was that bad, I know I lost weight but the voices only got louder, you need to lose more this isn't good enough. My skin was a little paler, but nothing to compare to someone who came out of a concentration camp. Andrew ran a hand over his mouth as he covered by body with the blanket in one swift motion.

"You know they're trying to get you committed? They're gonna have a psychiatrist come in here & ask you questions to see if you have an eating disorder, even though just taking one look at you the answer is already pretty obvious." Panic began to take over my thoughts. I can't be committed. Everyone will laugh. They'll make me eat. I'll get fat. I'll-

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