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Bunch of sorry ass
pricks GC

@BlackHeartedBen: We finally have everyone here

@RileySatanschild: Based on what you've told me about him I'm surprised he hasn't left yet. Linoy you better not leave too or else I'll kick your ass as soon as I get back.

@LinoySvmethin: The last time I was in a group chat with you two my phone ended up breaking because of the overwhelming amount of messages I was receiving.

@BlackHeartedBen: Your phone must suck then
@BlackHeartedBen: Grayson you better not leave either.

@KingGrayson: Pourquoi avez-vous me mettez dans ce chat en groupe , vous savez je ne pas avoir le temps pour

@RileySatansChild: I'm sorry what
@RileySatansChild: we don't all speak French here

@BlackHeartedBen: He asked why I would add him to this group chat, GRAYSON English only bud. These girls are from the states.

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@KingGrayson: Why the fuck did you put me in a group chat with two hicks?

@BlackHeartedBen: Because I knew it would piss you off.
@BlackHeartedBen: and besides they're actually really cool, I'm just not so sure about Linoy cause she doesn't talk very much. But Riley says she's cool. Come on Grayson, be a normal teenager and talk to someone other than your assistant to go get you coffee.

@KingGrayson: I don't have any time to be a normal teenager. Did you forget that my father has me preparing to take on his business that spreads all over the world?

@BlackHeartedBen: you don't have to take over your dads business until you turn 18, which is in 7 months, which isn't very much time to be a teenager.
@BlackHeartedBen: Your only friend can't be just me. So I'm adding you back and I swear to god Grayson if you leave i will walk to your house and shove my foot so far up your ass you'll be able to taste the gum I stepped on earlier.

@KingGrayson: You're fucking disgusting Ben.

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@RileySatansChild: and so they return!! Now I just have to get back Linoy.

@LinoySvmethin: I've been here the whole time I was just trying to get you guys to forget about me.

@BlackHeartedBen: there's no forgetting a pretty name like yours.

@RileySatansChild: Keep it in your pants Ben

@KingGrayson: Ben keeps nothing in his pants.

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@LinoySvmethin: Why would you pick such a pretentious name as your @ name?


Authors note
I hope I stick with this book because I really like the idea. hope you guys enjoy this one!!

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