"As well as Malfoy's mad catch, I reckon Psycho was one of the reasons we won the match." Marcus began slinging an arm around her and handing her a butter beer. "Did you see the looks on the Ravenclaw's faces when she had the quaffle? They were staying the hell away from her! What did you say to Doris, V? She stopped trying at you when you said that thing." Marcus said causing a slight tint of red to appear on her cheeks.

"Didn't psycho tell her to 'die in a hole'?" Someone said and everyone cheered.

This wasn't true though, she had yelled at the Ravenclaw chaser but she definitely didn't yell those words, if anything she yelled at the girl, 'Come at me! I'm open!' but if anything, that seemed to scare the stupid girl. It was ironic how a girl in the supposedly smart house could be so stupid.

Everyone in the common room soon started chanting 'psycho' while V tried to get them to stop while laughing nervously. She noticed in each corner of the room all her friends, including Adrian chanting and then people she merely talked to chanting as well.

She stepped down from the table and slowly the chanting started dying down. People were congratulating, high fiving and patting her rather roughly in the crowd making her feel extremely claustrophobic. The music was loud, hurting her ear drums and all she wanted was to get out. She quickly made her way to the exit and when she had stepped out of the common room, she bent over taking a deep breath.

She then lifted her butter beer to her mouth but stopped abruptly when the cup touched her lips. There was a strong smell coming from the drink which didn't smell a bit like butter beer. V took another whiff of it, realizing that Marcus didn't give her butter beer at all, but instead a flask of fire whiskey. She shrugged to herself then took a sip anyway, cringing at the taste but feeling slightly relieved.

V spent the rest of her evening drinking the remainder of her drink while sitting on a bench in the courtyard, contemplating the day. V was feeling depressed again, but she couldn't help it.

"I'm pretty sure smiles go upwards, not downwards."

V looked up to see that George had snuck up on her again with a cheery smirk. V shrugged at his statement hopelessly, unsure of an appropriate reply.

George then sat himself next to her, noticing the drink in her hand and from where he was sitting he could smell it. He frowned a bit himself.

"What's wrong, you won the game so why the pouty face?"

"I'm not pouting." V said unintentionally pouting more.

"Yes you are, and I want to know why." George stated firmly.

V let out a sigh taking another small sip of her drink. "Am I a psycho? Am I crazy and do I just not see it."

"Sometimes I think you're crazy but only in a fun loving way but psychotic? That's a bit strong. Why would you think that anyway?"

"Haven't you heard all the Slytherins? They nickname me psycho." V said gazing into her cup.

George then suddenly grabbed the cup then poured it out into a bush next to them. V gasped at him then hit his arm angrily but with a lack of force since she couldn't bring herself to actually hurt him.

"What was that for?" She asked in an agitated tone.

George quirked an eyebrow, looking for once in his life, wise. "You and I both know that, that drink wasn't a butter beer."

V scratched the back of her neck awkwardly. With a lack of parenting and a lack of trouble she hadn't found herself in many situations like that. Even in the orphanage, she stuck her head out of the main sources of trouble and tended to be quite sly with her actions.

But the thing is with V, is that she responded to these sorts of things quite bluntly.

V rolled her eyes at George. "And who are you? My dad? Nope, I don't think so, he's the psycho that I take after."

"Mia, anyone who calls you a psycho doesn't really know you, they only know your dad and what he's done and clearly are quite insensitive to not have even have a bit of compassion for you." George said holding a strong stare on the girl.

V shrugged, "I don't need pity, besides Mia is too sweet of a name for me." She mumbled.

It went quiet between the two. V was torn between feeling stupid and feeling depressed. While all George wanted to do was make her smile because her smile was much prettier than her frown.

"You know, Nina came back covered in chicken feathers." George said trying to lift up her mood, which he did successfully. V giggled quietly at this and looked over to him with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"That was me."


"Nina called me a few names and I called her a few names back then she had a go at me. I did a rebounding spell and she ended up being transfigured into a chicken." V explained causing George to laugh.

"And here I was thinking that you'd need help with getting her back but you've already gotten your own revenge." George said patting her shoulder.

"Yea, well when you get raised in an orphanage you learn to get your own back." V said proudly.

"That's new." George then said pointing at the necklace that V had around her neck.

"Yea I got it for Christmas, it was my mothers."

George then noticed tiny indents on the star and couldn't help but lift the pendant and investigate, he read aloud the message that had been inscribed. "Death be told with you."

V laughed at the curious look on his face which she responded to with a shrug.

"I'd tell you what it means but I don't know myself."

They continued talking till late with V resting her head on George's shoulder as it grew later and later. V didn't notice what she did, but George, he definitely did.

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