Chapter thirty five//Pure

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"Okay kids! Up, up, up!" Josh yelled throughout the house. "I'm up!" Abigail yelled. "Good, the food's on the table, get dressed and get that glam on gurl!" Josh yelled. Ashley walked out of her room and into the bathroom. "Arn't you gonna wake Andrew?" Josh said and poked Ashley's stomach. "He's getting dressed." Ashley said and laughed. "Andrew, get your ass up." Josh yelled. Ashley just laughed and went into the bathroom. "I am up, old man." Andrew said and laughed. "I'm only twenty two, shut your mouth kid." Josh said and laughed.

Tyler walked down the stairs and sat down at the table. "Hey princess, did you sleep well?" Josh asked. "Yeah." Tyler said and smiled. "Jordan, get up before I drag you out of the bed!" Josh yelled. "It's only six o'clock Josh." Tyler said and laughed. "Yes but It's Ashley's big day, she's moving!" Josh said and smiled. "True." Tyler said and smiled. "So I was thinking.." Josh started. "Hm?" Tyler said and took a sip of tea. "How about a date tonight?" Josh said and smiled. "A date?" Tyler asked and smiled. "Yeah, we havn't been on one in a while." Josh said and smiled. "Okay." Tyler said and kissed Josh.

"I'm off to school Josh." Abigail said and opend the door. "Wait!" Josh yelled and ran towards her. Josh hugged Abigail and laughed. "Don't ruin my makeup Josh!" Abigail said and laughed while trying to get out of Josh's strong grip. "Okay, have fun baby." Josh said and winked as he let her go. "Okay Josh." She said and walked out the door. "My baby's growing up so fast." Josh said and held a hand over his heart. "Hey, can I borrow your car today? I wanna impress a girl." Jordan said and threw his bag over his shoulder. "Okay, but if you crash it you're gonna pay." Josh said and threw his keys to Jordan. "Thanks Josh." Jordan said and walked out.

"Do you need help with that?" Josh said and picked up the last box. Ashley smiled sadly. "I'm gonna miss you Josh." Ashley said and blinked a couple of times. "Hey, don't cry." Josh said as tears threatened to spill. "I'm sorry." Ashley said as a tear rolled down her cheek. "Awe." Josh said as he hugged Ashley and cried. "I'm gonna miss you too Ash." Josh said and sniffled. "Hey, it's gonna be okay." She said and pulled away. "I'm going to visit often I promise." Abigail said. "Pinkie promise?" Josh said and held out his pinkie. "Pinkie promise." Ashley said and intwined their pinkies.(You get what I meen..)
"Bye Josh." Ashley said as she got into the car. "Bye Ashley." Josh said and waved as Andrew drove away.

"Ready Tyler?" Josh yelled from down stairs. "In a minute." Tyler yelled back from up stairs. "Have fun Josh." Abigail said as she sat down in the sofa. "I am, you can invite some friends over but if I come home to drunk kids you're grounded." Josh said. "Okay, I'm not a drinker anyways." Abigail said and laughed a little. "And if Jordan and that girl.. you know what.. just use a airhorn." Josh said and smiled. "Okay." Abigail said. Tyler came down the stairs in shorts, a black crop top and the floral kimono. "Wow." Josh said and smiled. "You look awazing." Josh said and walked towards Tyler. "What do you think of me new highlighter?" Tyler said and smiled. "It's Jeffree Star's highlighter, isn't it pretty?" Tyler said and smiled. "You're pretty." Josh said and kissed Tyler. "Thanks." Tyler said and smiled. "We're heading out, and remember whet I said Abby!" Josh said as he opened the door. "No drinking and Jordan's not getting laid." Abigail said and laughed. "Yeah, okay, bye." Josh said and closed the door behind them.

"The stars're really bright tonight." Tyler said as he rested his head on Josh's chest. "Yeah." Josh said and looked up. They decided to go to the park after they ate and ended up being there till the stars came out. "How can nature be so pretty? Like how does this grass look so green? How does the sky change color from blue to pastel pink to peach and then black?" Tyler said. "It's just how it is." Josh said. "Look at it, it's so amazing, it's so beautiful, its so... pure." Tyler said and smiled. "Yeah." Josh said and smiled.

"Tyler." Josh said and sat up. "Yeah?" Tyler said and sat up next to him. "There's this thing that I've been wanting to ask you for some time now." Josh said and stood up. "What?" Tyler said and stood up too. "We've known each other for four years now, we've dropped out of college together, we've gotten through so much shit together, I'm not saying it's over but... I was really wondered if you-" Josh said and fiddled in his pocked. "Tyler Robert Jospeh-" Josh said and got down on one knee. "Will spend the rest of your life with me as my husband." Josh said as he looked Tyler in the eyes. Tyler was crying and his hands were in front of his mouth. "Of course I will you jerk." Tyler said and held out his hand. Josh slipped on the ring with shaking hands and stood up.  Josh grabbed Tyler's chin and made him look at him. Josh looked into his doe-like eyes and leaned in. Tyler closed his eyes. Josh closed his eyes too. Tyler brought his hand up to cup Josh's cheek. Josh played with Tyler's hair and smiled. Tyler leaned forward and kissed him.


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