Chapter seventeen//closet

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Last period was over and Tyler was walking over to Josh's clasroom. They had different classes last period. Tyler was walking down the hall when his arm was grabbed and he was dragged into a pitch black closet. "What the fuck?" Tyler said. "Shhh." The other person said. "Who are you?" Tyler asked on the edge of tears. "Beebo." Brendon whispered into Tyler's ear as he pushed Tyler against a wall and pinned Tyler's hands over his head. Brendon leaned forward and kissed him. The kiss was sloppy and gross. "Get off me!" Tyler yelled and tried to kick Brendon off him. Brendon just laughed and started to suck on his neck. Tyler tried to wiggle away but Brendon was too strong. Tylers phone started buzzing. It lit up on the floor. He must've dropped it when he was pushed against the wall. Joshua♡ Tyler started to yell as he realized what was happening. Brendon was trying to take off his pants. Tyler kicked him with all his force. Nothing worked. Nothing. Tyler tried. He yelled. And his phone kept ringing. Joshua Brendon was tugging at Tyler's pants while he was screaming for help. "Somebody please help!" Tyler yelled. Brendon started to make out with Tyler while pushing down his pants. Tyler fell to the floor. Brendon pulled down his own pants and Tyler's boxers. "Brendon please." Tyler whispered. "You want me to fuck you, huh slut?" Brendon said and pushed into Tyler. Tyler was just laying on the floor in pain and shock.

Suddenly the dor burst open and no other than Josh was standing there. His eyes looked red and you could see the anger in his face.  He pulled Brendon by his hair. He yanked him backwards and kicked him down on the floor. Josh punched Brendon. Josh punched him again. And again. And again. "Okay Josh." Tyler said. Josh didn't hear. "Josh that's enough." Tyler said. He wasn't listening and Brendon was unconscious. "Josh!" Tyler yelled and grabbed his shoulders. Josh looked at Brendon. Than his hands. Josh got up from over Brendon. "C'mon lets go." Josh said while he walked out of the school with a crying Tyler holding onto his hand.

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