Chapter thirty one//please me

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Josh walked over to his bathroom and turned on the shower. he undressed and stepped into the shower. the water was freezing to beguin whith but got warmer after a cuple of seconds. Tyler walked into the bathroom and joined Josh. "Morning Princess." Josh said and kissed Tyler's temple. "Morning Josh" Tyler said with closed eyes. Josh let his hands slip down to Tyler's hips as he kissed Tyler. Tyler's hands was around Josh's neck. The pulled away and smiled. "I love you Josh." Tyler said and nuzzled into Josh's neck. "I love you too Ty." Josh said and hugged him.

They got out of the shower and dried off. Josh wanted ti take Tyler somewhere. "Where are we going Joshy?" Tyler said and pulled the white skirt over his baby pink panties. "It's a auprise." Josh said and zipped up his pants. "Ugh!" Tyler said and put on the white top with 'Daddy' written in pink. Josh looked at him and smiled. "What?" Tyler said and blushed a little. "You're just so pretty." Josh said and smiled. Tyler blushed a darker shade of red. "Thanks." Tyler said and found his makeup bag. He put on a coat of 'Please me' by Mac and a little eyeshadow.

"Okay, I'm ready." Tyler said and smiled. Tyler and Josh walked down the stairs. "Oh my god!" Ashley said when she saw Tyler. "I love your lipstick!" She yelled and stood up. "I love it too! It's Please me by mac!" Tyler said. "It was only like seventeen dollars too." Tyler rambled. Josh sighed and looked at Tyler. "Uhm.. sorry." Tyler said and blushed as he realized Josh was ready. Tyler put on some shoes and they walked out.

"Can you now say where we're going?" Tyler asked and looked at Josh. "Nope." Josh said and smiled. "Joosh!" Tyler laid and looked at him. "Tylerr!" Josh said and looked at Him. "Ugh, fine." Tyler said and crossed his arms as he continued walking.

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