Chapter thirty//kitten

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Tyler grabbed one of the panties from the Victoria's secret bag. They were black and had a silk bow in the back. Tyler undressed and put them on. Tyler walked to another bag and picked up one of the chockers. It was black silk and had white lace edges and a silver heart in the front hanging down. It said 'princess' "Okay." Tyler whispered. Josh turned around. He opened his eyes and walked towards Tyler. "So pretty." Josh whispered into Tyler's ear. His voice made Tyler shiver. Josh lifted up Tyler and carried him to the bed. Josh crawled on top of him kissing his neck then working down to his stomach. "J-Josh." Tyler whispered. "What's my name?" Josh asked. "D-Daddy." Tyler breathed out as he arched his back. "Patience kitten." Josh said and looked at Tyler. A low moan left Tyler's lips from the pet name. "Y-yes daddy." Tyler whispered. Josh kissed the outline of Tyler's panties. Tyler licked and bit his bottom lip. Josh started to make hickies on Tyler's stomach. "D-daddy." Tyler let out as he gasped for air. Josh continued down to Tyler's thighs. Josh stopped and looked at Tyler. "You okay kitten?" Josh asked just to be sure. "Yeah." Tyler said and smiled. Tyler's hand trailed down to Josh's muscular abs. Tyler sat down on Josh's lap with one leg on each side. Josh smirked at Tyler. Tyler started to grind down on Josh making Josh throw his head back and let out a moan. Tyler continued untuil Josh stopped him. Tyler leaned in closer to Josh's neck. He licked Josh's neck as he whispered into his ear. "I want you daddy."


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