Chapter fifteen//cute

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"Josh?" Tyler said and looked at him. It was currently 06.38am. "Yes princess?" Josh said and pulled him closer. "What are we?" Tyler asked. A lump in his throat forming. Josh looked at him. "What do you want us to be?" Josh asked and looked at him. "Boyfriends?" Tyler asked and blushed. "Then that's what we are." Josh said. Tyler kissed him and closed his eyes again. "Tyler, we have to wake up." Josh whispered. "Not now." Tyler mumbled into Josh's chest. "Yes now." Josh said and sat up. Tyler's head falling into his lap. "Tyler, I'm serious." Josh said and dragged Tyler out of bed with him. Josh put on some clothes and walked over to Tyler. "Are you going to school today?" Tyler asked and looked at Josh. Josh had a week off since they moved there on a wedensday. "Yeah." Josh said and kissed the top of Tyler's head. Tyler hugged him and looked up at Josh. "Uhm.. Josh." Tyler said and blushed. "Yeah?" Josh asked and looked at him. "Uhm.. how old are you? We kind of forgot to tell eachother that..." Tyler said and blushed at the thought of Josh maybe being a lot older than him. "Oh, I turned 18 in June." Josh said and smiled. "I turned 18 December 1. " Tyler said. Josh kissed the top of his head. "You're so cute." Josh said and smiled. Tyler looked over at the clock. 06.56am. "C'mon." Josh said and lifted Tyler up. Josh threw Tyler over his shoulder. "Oh my god Josh!" Tyler yelled and laughed. Josh carried Tyler down the stairs and into the kitchen. Maddy stood there confused. "Hey Maddy." Josh said and sat Tyler down on the kitchen bench. "Hello Josh." Maddy said and laughed. "You guys're so cute." She said and sat down at the table.

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