Chapter eight// window

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Josh sat down in the forest under a tree where he usually sat. He was freezing, his fingers was starting to turn purple and his toes was so cold they seemed hot. Josh sat there shivering. He hugged his knees tighter to his chest and tried to warm himself. This was getting dangerous. He couldn't be out here for much longer. Josh didn't want to die and he'd been walking outside for around an hour. Josh sighed and closed his eyes. "Fuck it." Josh said and started walking towards his house. He looked at it. He couldn't go in the door. His parents was still mad at him. They hated him. He looked at his window. Maybe he could climb up there. He'd done it before at his old house.

Josh started climbing. He got up and crossed his fingers. "Please God say my window's open." Josh whispered and tried open it when he realized... his window was locked. Josh sighed. Josh took his phone out of his pocket. Tyler hadn't called. He's probably busy having sex with that slut! He looked at his phone and scrolled through his contacts. Josh found Ashley's number and called her. "Oh my god Josh, where are you? I've been so worried!!" She yelled. "Op-p-p-pen the g-g-god-dam wind-d-d-dow!" He almost yelled. "What? Your window?" She asked. "Y-y-yeah." Josh said. He saw Ashley walk into his room and her jaw nearly dropped. She ran towards the window and pushed it open. "Oh my God Josh!" She yelled and hugged him. Josh hugged her too. He was as cold as ice. His ears hurt because of the tunnels being made out of steel. His cheeks and nose were red and his toes hurt from being so cold. His fingers felt like they were burning and his heart was broken. Because of Tyler. Josh walked to his closet and found the biggest sweater he had. Josh pit it on and creeped into bed. "Don't tell mom I'm here." Josh told Ashley. She nodded and exited his room. He walked to the door and locked it before running to his bed and cuddling into his duvet. Josh grabbed a spare pillow and hugged it. He really missed holding Tyler in his arms. But Tyler had a girlfriend and she was now home from where ever she'd been.

Okay so I've been really busy with school, We're having this student business thing... where we have to either make something and sell it or like do a favor for money. My group is going to have a LAN in January, it's going to be so fun but we have some technical issues... ugh!! And I'm the leader of the group so it really stresses me out(bahahhahah "stressed out" get it?) hope you understand...

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