Chapter three//Missed Call

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"I charged your phone while you were sleeping." Tyler said and placed the bowl in the kitchen sink. (To you is not a kitchen sink for me okay fren) "oh, thank you." Josh said and smiled. They walked upstairs and Tyler handed Josh his phone.

Missed call (28)

Josh called his mother and cringed as soon as she took it. "Joshua william dun, where the FUCK have you been?! I've watited the whole night scared because I thought you were dead! So you better have the FUCKING best reason for you to not be here right now!" His mother yelled so loud that Tyler heard every word. "I 'm sorry mom, I-I" Josh said but got interrupted. "Don't 'I'm sorry mom!' Me!" Laura yelled. "Tell me where the fuck you are right now Joshua!" Laura yelled into the phone. "I passed out in the forest and a boy came and saved me." He said and smiled at Tyler. "You better get your ass home RIGHT now!" She yelled. "Okay, text me the adress." Josh said and hung up.

"I can drive you home if you want." Tyler said and looked at him. "Yes please, my mom wants me home as soon as possible. Probably to lock me in my room or something." Josh said and rolled his eyes. "Well, if she does that, here's my number." Tyler said and wrote his number down on Josh's hand. "Thanks." Josh said and smiled. "We should probably go now." Tyler said and put on his shoes. "Yeah." Josh said and followed Tyler.

Tyler started the car. "Okay, where are we going?" Tyler asked and looked over at Josh. Josh gave him the address and they drove to Josh's house.

"Wow, your house is Beautiful." Tyler said and looked over at Josh. Josh didn't say anything he just looked forwards. "Hey, are you okay?" Tyler asked and took his hand. "Y-Yeah." Josh said and sniffled. "Uhm.. thank you Tyler." He said and walked out of the car and closed the door. Josh was on the edge of crying. He really loved how Tyler took care of him. His parents hated him and for once someone asked him if he was okay. Josh sighed and opened the door.

"There you are!" Laura yelled and stormed towards him. "Yeah." Josh said. Laura looked him in the eye and slapped him across the face. That was the last straw. He didn't want to be their perfect son anymore. He didn't want to get beaten up by them anymore. He wanted to be free. Free from this prison people called home. Josh ran up to his room and locked the door, he took a backpack and filled it with clothes, snacks, his phone charger and other things he needed. Josh opened the window and jumped into a tree. He climbed down and ran into the forest.


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