Chapter twenty seven//starbucks

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Tyler almost tripped when he ran down the stairs. He was wearing a black and pink floral button up, black skinny jeans, black vans and a little bit of eyeshadow. Josh looked at him. "What?" Tyler mumbled and looked down slightly blushing. "You're gorgeous." Josh said and put an arm around his boyfriend. They walked out to the car and Josh drove Ashley and Tyler to the mall. "Here." Josh said and gave Tyler fifty bucks. "Thanks Joshy." Tyler said and pecked his cheek. Tyler and Ashley walked out of the car and Josh drove to the park.

"Where do you wanna go first?" Ashley asked and smiled. "Victoria's secret maybe?" Tyler said shyly. "Okay." Ashley said and they walked inside.

When they walked out of the store Tyler had three bags full of clothes. He was going to show everything to Josh when they came home but that wasn't any time soon.

Ashley and Tyler visited all the stores and got their nails done. After that they went to Starbucks and then called Josh.

"Hey, you done?" Josh asked.

"Yeah." Tyler said.

"Okay, we'll come and pick you guys up." Josh said.

"Okay, love you." Tyler said and smiled.

"Love you too baby." Josh said.

Tyler hung up and they waited for Josh. Tyler and Ashley talked when Tyler spottet the one person he did not want to see. Brendon. Tyler froze mid sentence. "What were you going to say?" Ashley said confused. Brendon and Tyler was making eye contact as he walked towards Tyler. Tyler picked up his phone and texted Josh.

Brenosn iss conibg pleasr hurrt

Walk away and don't let him see you, We're soon there.

Tyler looked up. Brendon was standing only meters away. Ashley looked behind her at Brendon. She gave Tyler a do-you-know-this-guy look and Tyler shook his head. "Uhm... can I help you?" She asked in a kind of bitchy tone. "I saw a beautiful human standing here so I thought I'd say hi." Brendon said. "Well, hello, we're going home so yeah." She said and turned to Tyler. "I wasn't talking about you." Brendon said and walked towards Tyler. Tyler swallowed and walked backwards. "Please..." tyler whispered shakily. "Please what?" Brendon said with a smirk. "Go away Brendon." Tyler said just higher than a whisper. "You heard him, get the fuck away Brendon." Josh said and pushed Tyler behind himself. Ashley was in the driver's seat and the backdoor was open for Tyler to get into. Josh pushed Tyler towards the car while looking straight into Brendon's eyes. "If i see you with him one more time, i'm gonna fucking kill you." Josh whispered and walked into the car.


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