Chapter fourteen//daddy

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Tyler pushed Josh on the bed and took off his t-shirt. Josh held himself up by his elbows as he watched Tyler. Tyler climbed up in the bed while locking eyes with Josh. He sat on Josh's lap with one leg on each side of him. Josh sat up and pulled Tyler closer. Tyler leaned inn to kiss him but stopped. He looked at Josh and brought his hands down to Josh's abs. Josh looked at him and bit his lip. Tyler could feel Josh against him. His heart beating faster. Tyler took off his pants slowly. Josh watched and took off his too. Josh licked his lips as he looked at Tyler. Tyler looked like a model, perfect in every single way. Tyler walked up to the end off the bed and dragged Josh down so he was lying down in the bed. Josh smirked and looked at Tyler. Tyler looked dead serious at him. He sat down on Josh again. Tyler started to slightly grind his hips against Josh. Josh bit his lips trying to hold in a moan. Josh put his hands on Tyler's thighs. Tyler grabbed Josh's face with both his hands and kissed him. Tyler bit Josh's bottom lip and Josh moaned loud. Tyler leaned against Josh's ear and whispered in a tone that made Josh shiver. "Fuck me daddy."


Uhm.. so that happened :))

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Please don't kill me...


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