Chapter twenty five//breakfast

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When Josh was done making the food he walked up to the bedrooms and woke Abigail and Jordan up. Ashley was doing her makeup in the bathroom so Josh knocked on the door. "Ash, the food's ready." Josh said and carried Abigail down the stairs. Jordan followed.

When they were down there Abigail ran to Tyler. "Wake up, the food is ready." Abigail whispered to Tyler. Tyler squinted his eyes to look at her. "I'm up." Tyler said and sat up. He stretched and walked to Josh. "Hey princess." Josh said and kissed Tyler. Ashley came down and almost screamed. "Awwe!! You're so cute!" She yelled and jumped. "Josh looked weirdly at her while Tyler was blushed lightly. "Come and eat now Ash." Josh said and laughed. Tyler sat between Josh and Ashley. Ashley kept stairing at Tyler. Tyler looked at her and smiled. "Can we go fix our nails together?" Ashley whispered to Tyler while Josh was helping his other siblings. "Yeah." Tyler whispered and winked. "Yees!" Ashley whispered and smiled widely.

Josh sent Jordan and Abigail to school with Ashley. "Do you wanna go or do you wanna stay home?" Josh asked Tyler. "I really wanna stay home." Tyler said. "Then we'll stay home." Josh said and smiled.  Tyler walked to the kitchen and Josh walked to the sofa. Tyler came back with popcorn and two cokes. "Movie?" Josh asked. "Yeah." Tyler said and smiled.


So, i'm still sick... that's why there's so may updates.

Have a nice day, keep on reading :))


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