Chapter twenty four//morning

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Josh woke up. He looked at the clock. 05.37am. Josh got up. Tyler wasn't there. Maybe he want home. Josh got dressed and walked into Ashley's room. "Hey Ash." Josh said. Ashley dragged the duvet over her head and sighed. "Ash, it's soon six o'clock." Josh said and tried to drag her out of the bed. "C'mon." Josh said and tried to get her to wake up. "Okay, but if you wanna go to shool your ass better be up by seven." Josh warned and walked out. He walked down the the kitchen where Tyler was. "Good morning Josh." Tyler said and kissed him. "What're you doing here? I thought you left." Josh said confused. "I'm making pancakes." Tyler said and smiled. "For me?" Josh said and smiled. "To the kids." Tyler said. "Mhm." Josh said and kissed Tyler's neck.

Tyler could only think of Brendon. Tyler felt dirty. He felt like a slut. He felt like a fucking whore. Tyler started to shake and breathe heavily as Josh kissed his neck.

Dirty fucking slut!

You're only a whore!

No one likes you!

Kill yourself.

At this point Tyler was crying silently. Josh was still kissing Tyler's neck. "Josh, stop." Tyler whispered as he cried. Josh stopped and looked at him. Tyler was looking away from him. "Ty, What's wrong?" Josh asked. Tyler turned Tyler around. His eyes were red and puffy. "Ty, I'm so sorry, what happened?" Josh asked. Tyler was still shaky. He hugged Josh and cried more. "It's okay." Josh whispered. "It's gonna be okay Princess." Josh said and held his arms around Tyler. Josh didn't understand what was happening but he wanted to help Tyler. "I love you." Josh whispered. "I love you too." Tyler whispered back.

Josh carried Tyler to the sofa and burrito'ed him up in some blankets. Tyler fell asleep and Josh made the breakfast.

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