Chapter thirty four//new daddy

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Can Ash,Abby and Jordan stay at your place for a hour or something?? I need to talk to mom.

Of course, send them over and I'll take care of them.♥

Thank you, I love you.♥

I love you too.♥

"Go to Ty's house, I'll come after I've talked to mom." Josh whispered to Ashley. "Okay, stay safe." Ashley whisperd back and walked out the door.

"Mom, I want to adopt them." Josh said and looked at Laura. "What?" She said and looked at Josh. "I said, I want to adopt them." Josh said and sat down in the chair across the table from Laura. "But, you're not..." Laura tried but Josh stopped her. "I'm eighteen, I have a Boyfriend and a house we can live in, I have money. I don't see why I can't adopt them. You've been away, God knows where drinking for three fucking weeks." Josh said now getting irritated. "Okay." Laura whispered. "Thank you." Josh said and walked out of the door. He was now crying and walking to Tyler's house.

Josh knocked on the door and walked inside. "Hey Josh." Tyler said. He saw Josh cry and almost ran towards him. Tyler hugged Josh tight. Josh nussled his nose in the creek of Tyler's neck. "What happened?" Tyler asked. "I'm adopting them." Josh said. Tyler pulled away and looked at Josh. "What?" Tyler said and smiled. "Yeah." Josh said and smiled as he looked at Tyler.

"Hey Josh." Ashley said. "Hey." Josh said. "What happened?" Abigail asked. Tyler let go of Josh and stepped to the side. "I'm adopting you." Josh said and smiled. "You are?" Ashley said and smiled. Her eyes getting shiny. "All three." Josh said and laughed as tears streamed down his face. Abigail ran towards him and hugged him. They both cried and hugged each other tighter. "Joshy?" Abigail said while pulling in his t'shirt. "Yes?" Josh said and let go of Ashley. "Why're you crying?" Abigail asked and looked concerned. Josh sat down on his knees so he was at the same hight as Abigail."Because now I'm going to take care of you. Not mommy or daddy." Josh said and smiled. "So you're like a new Daddy?" Abigail asked. "Yeah." Josh said and smiled. Abigail hugged him. "I love you daddy." Abigail said and hugged him. Josh hugged her back. "I love you too." Josh said and closed his eyes.

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