Chapter twenty two//happy

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Wait to start the song.

The doorbell rang and Josh walked to open the door. Ashley looked toward the door to see who Tyler was. Josh opened the door. "Hey Ty." Josh said. Tyler stepped inside and kissed Josh. "Hey babe." Tyler said. Ashley looked shocked. "Who, what, where, when?" Was all Ashley could say. "Hm?" Josh said and smiled. "You're gay?!" She shouted she didn't seem angry, she seemed surprised. "Uhm.. yeah." Josh said and laughed nervously. "You never told me, can we paint your nails? Go on shopping together? Fix our hair?" Ashley jumped up and down in excitement. "When we get enough money to do it." Josh said. Ashley sighed. "I'm Ashley." Ashley said and held out a hand. "I'm Tyler." Tyler said and shook it. "I hope he's taking care of you." Ashley whispered to Tyler. "Oh he is." Tyler whispered back. Although Josh heard every word.

"Are you hungry?" Josh asked Ashley. "A little." Ashley said and sat down in the sofa. "We can make food then." Josh said. Tyler was about to walk to the kitchen when a little arm grabbed his. Tyler turned around. "Are you Joshy's boy friend?" Abigail asked. "Yes I am." Tyler said and smiled. "Have you ever kissed him?" She asked and smield. "Yes I have." Tyler said and smiled at the little girl. "Okay." She said and jumped to Ashley. Tyler walked to Josh and laughed. "What got you laughing there princess?" Josh said and smiled. "Your sister, she's so cute." Tyler said. "My sister? Ashley?" Josh said confused. "No, the other one." Tyler said and smiled. "Oh." Josh said and laughed. "Abigail then." Josh said and smiled. "Yeah." Tyler said. "What're you making?" Tyler said and hugged Josh from behind making Josh smile. "Spaghetti." Josh said and stirred in the sauce. Tyler took the phone out of Josh's pocked and sat down on the kitchen bench. "There's nothing interesting on my phone." Josh said and laughed a little. "I know." Tyler said. "Then why're you looking at it?" Josh said and looked at Tyler. "Just wait." Tyler said. Tyler connected the phone to the bluetooth speaker in the kitchen.

Play the song it's: The Sound - The 1975

Tyler grabbed a ladle and started singing. Josh looked at him and laughed. Abigail walked in and saw Tyler dancing. Tyler smiled and grabbed her hands. He started to dance and sing with Abby. She smiled and laughed. Ashley came into the kitchen to see what the music was from. She saw Josh head banging while stirring the spaghetti. And Tyler dancing and singing with Abigail. She smiled and sat down in one of the chairs in the kitchen. She started to sing along after a while. Jordan came after a while and sat down and smiled at them. This was the family Josh wanted. Everyone was happy and together. They didn't need their parents to feel like home.


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493 words!!

Hope this made you happy, it made me happy just to write it so yeah. :))


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