Chapter twenty nine//kfc

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Tyler put on the long pink sweater and some of Josh's sweatpants. "You look so cute." Josh said and kissed him. They walked downstairs. "Do you guys want something homemade or are we just going to take kfc?" Josh asked. "Kfc!" Jordan yelled. "Yeah!" Abigail yelled. "Kfc." Ashley said and smiled. "Good because i didn't want to make food." Josh said and picked up his phone.

The food was at their door in less than ten minutes. "Lets eat." Josh said. Everyone grabbed a box but Tyler and Josh shared a bucket.

After they ate everything it was dark outside and the clock was 10.37pm "Time for.....bed!" Josh said and smiled. "Yeeey! Bedtime!" Josh said. Josh took Jordan up to his room and Tyler took Abby.

Abigail got into her pajamas and brushed her teeth. After that she got into bed and Tyler sat next to her. "Good night Ty." Abigail said. "Good night Abby." Tyler whispered and pecked her forehead before standing up. Josh was standing in the doorway. "Hey baby." Josh said and kissed him. They closed the door and walked into their own.

"What was the other clothes you wanted to show me?" Josh asked and smirked at Tyler. "What other clothes?" Tyler asked and looked innocently at him. Josh grabbed Tyler's thighs and kissed his neck. Tyler let out a breath and he walked to the bags. Tyler looked at Josh. "Turn around." Tyler said and smiled.

Not yet children ;J  (smirk face?)

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