Chapter twenty//text

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Tyler was looking at Josh. He was such a cute napper. Tyler cuddled closer to him and Josh pulled him closer. Josh opened his eyes and looked at Tyler. "Morning Josh." Tyler said and kissed him. "Good morning baby." Josh whispered and took his hand. "How are you?" Josh asked and kissed his hand. "Good, now that you're awake." Tyler said and smiled. Josh looked at the clock. 07.09. Josh groaned and walked out. "No, stay." Tyler whispered and dragged the duvet over his head. "Tyler, school starts soon." Josh said and lifted Tyler up. Josh carried Tyler down stairs bridal style and sat him down on the counter. "What do you wnat for breakfast?" Josh asked and kissed him. "Eggs and bacon." Tyler whispered and closed his eyes. "Okay." Josh said and found the utensils.  Josh made the eggs and bacon and they ate up.

They walked to school together hands intwined. Tyler stopped. Josh looked at him and then at Brendon. "I'll beat his ass is he touches you." Josh whispered to Tyler as he kissed him. "Okay?" Josh whispered. "Okay." Tyler whispered and started to walk. Brendon spotted Tyler and was about to walk to him but turned away when he saw Josh. Tyler smiled and looked up at Josh. Josh smiled and looked at Tyler.

They were walking to lunch. They walked and took some food and Josh found a table in the back of the cafeteria and sat down. Tyler pushed the food around on the plate. "Ty, what's up?" Josh said and laid an arm around him. Tyler sat closer to him and closed his eyes. "Just tired." Tyler said and sighed. "We can sleep when we come home." Josh whispered. "Yeah." Tyler said.

Josh was sitting in class when Josh got a text.

Ash |
Hey Josh. Mom went crazy and dad left. She's always drinking and she doesn't have a job anymore. Please come back.

Josh |
Are you okay? Are Abby and Jordan okay? I'll come home when school's over.

Ash |
Yeah, they're okay. I give them food but I can't go to school. I really need someone to help me with all this.

Josh |
Okay, I'll be over in about 30 minutes.

Ash |
Okay, Thanks.


Okay, so. As you can see I have changed the Name of This story from "Fall Away" to "Pure" because i feel like it fits the story better. I allso changed the cover to fit the name.


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