Chapter twenty six//today

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Abigail came running in the door and hugged Josh. Then hugged Tyler. "Home already?" Josh asked as he paused the movie. "Yeah." Abigail said. Jordan came in a little later with his head hanging. "Hey buddy, how was school?" Josh asked. "I got a C on my test." Jordan said and walked up stairs. "Hey, that's better than what I got." Josh yelled and laughed a little. Ashley came in the door with her and Abigail's backpacks. She sat the backpacks down and jumped in the big cosy chair. "Do you maybe wanna do it today Tyler?" Ashley asked and looked at him. "Do what?" Josh said and looked at her confused. "Yeah, I'm so exited!" Tyler said and smiled. His crooked bottom teeth showing. "Hold on, what are we doing today?" Josh asked even more confused since Tyler knew. "Going to the nail salon and going on a little shopping trip." Tyler said and smiled at Josh. "Okay, I can drive you while I take Abby and Jordan to the park." Josh said and smiled. "Yeey!" Tyler yelled and threw his arms around Josh's neck as he kissed his cheek. "You guys are seriously the cutest couple I've ever seen." Ashley said. Tyler smiled.

"When're we leaving?" Tyler asked, it had been around a hour since they came home. "The kids need to get their homework done and then we can leave." Josh said and pulled Tyler closer. Tyler was now sitting on Josh's lap. Tyler turned towards him and put one leg on each side of Josh. Josh kissed him and put his hands on Tyler's back. Tyler didn't think of that they were in the living room and that he only had one of Josh's way too big sweaters on. "You're beautiful." Josh whispered and leaned his forehead against Tyler's. Tyler blushed and looked down.

"Are you two ready soon?" Ashley said and looked at them. Tyler jumped off Josh. "Y-yeah, let me just get dressed." Tyler said. Josh laughed and stood up.

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