Chapter one///Moving

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Josh looked at the raindrops. Sliding down the car window. His family was moving. Again. They moved from LA to Ohio. Who wants to live there? "You're going to like it there." Laura said and looked at him. Josh just looked out the window. "Joshua, your mother is talking to you!" Bill said. "Yes Josh, listen to your father!" Josh hated when they did this. "Josh?" Ashley said. "Yeah?" Josh said and looked at her. "Do you think I'm going to get any friends?" Ashley said and looked down. "You'll get super many friends." He said and smiled at her. She leaned against him and fell asleep. Ashley was his little sister, she was two years younger than him. She didn't like moving. Moving three times at the age of sixteen is hard. Josh looked at his phone. No missed calls, no voicemails and no texts. Not like he expected it. It's not like he had any friends anyways.


"Kids, we're here!" Laura yelled. Jordan and Abigail walked out of the car and ran inside the house. Abigail is 10 and Jordan is 12. "I want the biggest room!" Abigail yelled. "No I want the biggest room." Jordan yelled. "I'm the oldest!" Jordan yelled. "I have more friends than you!" Abigail yelled. Josh laughed and carried Ashley out of the car. She was very tired from all the stress. Josh sat her down on the porch.


"Joshua?! Are you even listening to me?" Laura yelled. "Yes!" He yelled back. Josh usually didn't speak, so hearing him yell was probably shocking. "Josh, don't use that tone to your mother!" Bill yelled from downstairs. "She started!" He yelled back at his father. "Joshua don't you dare yell at me!" Bill yelled. "Oh my god! You guys really hate me don't you?" Josh yelled and grabbed his shoes. He really needed some fresh air. He ran down the street and into a forest. He leaned against a tree and cried. "I hate it here." Josh cried and punched the ground. He laid down and looked up at the trees. They swaied in the wind and he looked at them. Josh felt more peaceful. He actually felt peaceful. Josh felt a water drop drip on his forehead. He wiped it off and sighed. He didn't want to go back. He wanted to leave this place.

The rain(Tyler says.......sorry :(    )started to pour down. Josh just looked up. "Why do you hate me?" Josh whispered and looked down. He was already drained. Josh didn't want to go home. Pluss, he didn't know where he lived. They had just moved there yesterday and Josh had gotten lost in a forest.

Josh walked in some direction, he thought was heading south. But he's not good with directions. And he's best friends with his doubt. Now that he thought about it. Wow he probably should've stayed inside his house.

He walked a little deeper into the forest. Josh stopped when he notised that it was getting dark. He picked up his phone. Dead. As allways. "Fuck." Josh yelled irritated. Josh was getting sleepy. "Why did I leave?" Josh whispered, his voice cracked. He sat down and fell asleep.

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