Chapter four// 09.30PM

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09.25PM | Josh
Hey, it's Josh.

09.25PM | Tyler
Hey, did you get locked in your room?

09.26PM | Josh
Not exactly...

09.26PM | Tyler
Okay? Continue...

09.28PM | Josh
My mom slapped me in the face so I ran away...

09.28 | Tyler
You ran away?!!

09.28 | Josh

09.28PM | Tyler
Where are you?

09.28PM | Josh
In the forest... why?

09.29PM | Tyler
Where you sat the last time?

09.29PM | Josh
Yeah, why?

09.30PM | Tyler
Because I'm picking you up and you're staying at my place till you can come home without getting slapped or yelled at.


When I Posted the first chapter I thought that I was going to hate this story but I'm actually growing to like it ^^


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