Chapter twenty eight//fashion show

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When they got home the kids were sleeping and so was Tyler. "Can You take take the kids?" Josh asked and unbuckled himself. "Yeah." Ashley said and smiled. Josh walked to Tyler's seat and opened the door. Josh unbucckled Tyler and carried him into the house bridal style. "Joshy." Tyler said while yawning. "I'll be back in two." Josh said and walked to get Tyler's bags.

Josh came back with at least six bags full of clothes. "Jeeze, how many clothes do you need?" Josh asked. "Don't look!" Tyler yelled and grabbed the bags from him. "Okay, okay." Josh said. "I'm gonna have a fashion show!" Tyler yelled as he ran up the stairs with the bags. Josh laid down in the bed and waited for him. Tyler was in the bathroom trying on the clothes he bought. "Are you ready?" Tyler asked. "Yes." Josh said and smiled.

Tyler was wearing a big floral kimono and white round sunglasses. "I love it." Josh said. "Yeey!" Tyler said and walked into the bathroom again.

The next outfit was a big pink sweather. It reached Tyler just under the butt. It was from Pink and the logo in white on the shirt. "What do you think?" Tyler asked Josh. "Love it." Josh said. Tyler smiled and kissed him again. Tyler walked to the bathroom to get another outfit.

Tyler came out with a simple black crop top and a white floral skirt. Tyler walked in slowly. His cheeks red. Tyler stood in front of Josh fidgeting with his fingers and eyes at the floor. Josh stood up and brought his hand up to Tyler's chin. "You look amazing." Josh said and kissed him. Tyler smiled into the kiss. Josh loved when Tyler did this. He ran back to the bathroom.

Tyler opened the door and he was wearing a white skirt that was short in the front and longer in the back reaching him to a little higher than the middle of his thigh. And a white crop top with 'Daddy' written in pastel pink glitter. Josh looked at him with a small smirk. Tyler laughed a little at Josh's reaction. "Ashley helped me pick it out." Tyler said and smiled. Josh stood up and kissed him. "I have some more things but that can wait." Tyler said and smirked slightly. "Oh! And I bought something for you too!" Tyler said and ran to the bathroom to bring back the bags. Josh loved seeing Tyler like this. When he first saw Tyler he didn't even look gay. Now Tyler is the prettiest boy Josh had ever seen.

"Look!" Tyler said as he held up a Nirvana shirt. It was black with the logo written in yellow. "I love it!" Josh said. "There's more!" Tyler said laying that down and finding another shirt. The next one was with stitch on. It was him sitting surrounded by flowers playing ukulele. And under him was 'Ohana' written in blue. "I love it." Josh said and smiled. "One more." Tyler said and smiled. "Okay." Josh said. Tyler held up a t-shirt with all the characters from stranger things on it and 'Stranger things' written above. "Oh my god!" Josh said. Stranger things was one of his favorite shows.
"I love you Tyler." Josh said and kissed him.


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I hope you liked this chapter, Feminine Tyler is everything :))


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