Chapter seven//Shopping

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"Josh?" Tyler said and yawned. "Yeah?" Josh said and looked at him. "Can we go shopping?" Tyler asked and hugged Josh. "Pretty please!" Tyler said and made puppy eyes. "Okay." Josh said and rolled his eyes. "Now?" Tyler said and jumped. "Okay, lets go then." Josh said and smiled.

They got dressed and Tyler went to the bathroom. Tyler had been in there for ten minutes. Josh was getting a bit worried. "Tyler?" Josh asked and knocked three quiet knocks at the door. "I'm ready in a minute..." Tyler said. "Okay?" Josh said and waited.

Ten minutes later and Tyler wasn't out. "Tyler, what the fuck is taking so long?" Josh said. Tyler sighed loud. "Why can't this look fucking natural?" Tyler yelled. "What look natural?" Josh said. Tyler opened the door. And he was wearing... makeup? "Tyler..." Josh said a little low. "I know, it looks terrible! I look so fucking dumb Tyler said and wetted a towel. He was about to rub off the makeup when Josh stopped him. "N-no Tyler, you.. you look amazing." Josh said and blushed. Tyler blushed too. "You really think so?" Tyler said and locked eyes with Josh. "I know so." Josh said and cupped Tyler's cheek. Tyler started to lean in Josh leaned inn as well. They were millimeters apart when the door downstairs slammed close. "Tyler hunny, I'm home!" A feminine voice said. Tyler's eyes was wide. "Tyler who the fuck-" Josh said with an angry tune Tyler held a hand over his mouth and locked the door. "I'm in the bathroom." Tyler yelled and rubbed off the makeup. He looked at Josh then himself. "Can we switch shirts?" Tyler whispered. Josh looked confused at him. "Okay? Why?" Josh said. Tyler ripped off his and gave it to Josh. Josh didn't notice before now that his was a little bit feminine. Tyler pulled up the hoodie and unlocked the door. "When I walk down stairs you go to my room, jump out the window and run out to the forest or something. Text me where you are and I'll meet you there." Tyler said. "But-" Josh tried. "I'll explain later." Tyler said and walked out.

Josh walked quietly to Tyler's room and Jumped out the window. Maybe this was Beebo. Maybe Beebo was his girlfriend. Maybe Josh was just another side bitch. Josh jumped down when he realized he didn't have any shoes. "Fuck" he whispered and looked down at his feet. It was cold outside he was sure it was at least 0°c (32°F) outside. He was so cold. Josh started walking. His face was cold. It only made the salt water warmer. It was like fire burning down his cheeks. Josh had walked and didn't realise where he was going untuill he saw a big house in front of him. His old house. Josh stood there and looked. He was freezing. But there was no way in hell he was going in. Josh turned around and walked out to the forest.

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