Chapter ten// girlfriend

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They packed a bag og Josh's stuff and climbed out the window. Tyler allmost slipped and fell out of The window but Josh helped him.

They walked to his house through the forest. It was the quickest way.

When they arrived at his house tyler opened the door and looked at Josh. "Hey Ty, have you seen my- oh, who's this?" She said. Josh just wanted to fucking kill her! But he felt so broken. His chest started to hurt. His muscles started to hurt. His head started to hurt. Josh looked at Tyler. Then at the blonde girl. Josh turned around and started walking. Tyler tried to grab his arm but Josh looked at him with tear-filled eyes. "Don't." Josh whispered. He let out a quiet sigh as he walked away. "Josh.." Tyler yelled. "Josh" he yelled again a bit louder this time. Josh didn't want to turn around. He didn't want to look at Tyler. Or his stupid girlfriend. "Josh!" Tyler yelled. Josh just walked away with tears running down his face and a need for something he hadn't thought of since he first moved here.

Josh walked to an abandoned building. He knew he wasn't supposed to come back there. But now he really didn't care. "Uhm... Gerard?" Josh whispered. "Yes babyboy?" Gerard said sliding behind him and grabbing his hips. "Uhm.. do you.. think..uhm..I could.. maybe.." Josh said and clawed at his arm. "Drugs?" Gerard asked. "Uhm.. yeah.." Josh said and sighed. "Here." Gerard said and gave him the joint that he had been smoking and smiled at Josh. "So you came back?" Gerard asked. "Yeah." Josh said. His phone lit up. Josh looked at it and sighed. Tyler "What's up babyboy?" Gerard said and kissed josh's neck. "No, nothing..." Josh said and took a beep breath.

Josh just hated everything. He hated how Tyler's hair looked after a long nap. He hated how his clothes fit him perfectly. He hated how his eyes looked when he had told a crappy joke and he burst out into laughter. He hated how his croccked bottom teeth would show when he smiled. He hated the way his hand fit perfectly in his. But for the most part. He hated that he didn't actually hate him. He hated that he actually didn't hate anything of these things.

Gerard was about to take Josh into his room when Josh stopped him. He gave Gerard a kiss on the cheek and walked out. "What the fuck dun?" Gerard yelled after him. Josh ran back to Tyler's house and knocked on the door.

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