Chapter thirty two//date

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They stopped in front of an ice cream shop. "Can I get one Josh?" Tler said and smiled at him. "That was the plan." Josh said and smiled. They walked inside and walked up to the woman standing there. "Isn't he a cutie?" The woman said and smiled towards Tyler. She had Half her hair dyed black and the other half Blue. "Now, what can I get you guys?" she said and smiled. Josh looked at Tyler. Tyler pointed at chocolathe with chocolsthe chips in it. "He'll have chocolathe chip and I'll have vanilla." Josh said and took Tyler's hand. the lady staretd to scoop ice cream into two cups.

She handed the cups to Josh and they sat down. "Josh?" Tyler said as he set down the spoon. "Yes princess?" Josh said and looked at Tyler. "Thank you." Tyler said and smiled. "For what?" Josh said and looked Confused. "For letting me be myself even though it's not the one you met that day." Tyler said and looked down. "Tyler, I love you so, so much. And i've allways loved you. And now that you've showed me the Tyler you want to be, I love you even more. And there's nothing that can change my feelings for you." Josh said and took Tyler's slightly smaller hands in His.

Tyler looked at Josh and drushed away a tear that had slipped. "I love you too Josh." Tyler said and kissed him. They finished their ice creams and walked on a little road in the forest. "Hey Josh?" Tyler said and smiled. "Yeah?" Josh said. "Carry me on your shoulders." Tyler said and looked at Josh. "Uhm.." Josh looked at him confused. "Oh c'mon, it's no fun seeing things from the same hight all the time, and with your muscles you won't even brake a sweat." Tyler said and smiled. "Yeah, but.... that's what kids do." Josh said. "Age has nothing to do with it, it's not like anyone's watching." Tyler said and looked at Josh. "Okay, hop on." Josh said and kneeled down. Tyler got on and held onto his hair. "You can see the lake from up here!" Tyler said and pointed forwards. "No, you can see the lake. I can't see shit." Josh said and laughed.

Josh started to walk again and they walked into the park. "Josh, they're looking at us." Tyler said. "Do you wanna get off?" Josh asked. "No." Tyler said. One of the old men waved. Tyler waived too and looked at Josh. "Arn't you gonna wave?" Tyler asked and looked at him. "No." Josh said and shook his head. "Josh! You have to wave, or else they're gonna think you're rude!" Tyler said and pulled a little in his hair. "No, not gonna happen." Josh said. "Okay, straight forward!" Tyler said and laughed. "Hold on." Josh said. "Why- ooh!" Tyler said as Josh started to run as fast as he could.


Hello frens!

For the people who noticed... yes.. that scene was inspired by sao... :))


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