Chapter sixteen//fag

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Tyler and Josh walked to school. Tyler stopped and looked at his feet. "What's up?" Josh said and looked at him. "N-nothing, it's nothing." Tyler said and continued walking. "Tyler, if something's up please tell me." Josh said and grabbed his hand. "No, don't worry." Tyler said. They walked to school with hands intwined. "Hey fag." Brendon said and pushed Tyler out of the way. Josh raged. He wanted to kill that dude. "Hey!" Josh yelled at him his voice was low and his teeth was gritted. Brendon turned around and looked at him. "Who're you?" He said and walked towards Josh. Tyler looked at the two boys in fear. "Josh, who the fuck are you?" Josh said. "Not your problem bitch!" he said and pushed him. Josh just got angrier and angrier. "I see, you've replaced me." Brendon said and looked at Tyler. "I never liked you Brendon!" Tyler yelled and hid behind Josh. Josh finally understood who Brendon was. Brendon was Tyler's ex (beebo) and something happened between them. "That's not what you said six months ago." Brendon said. "Just let us go, will you?" Tyler said and rolled his eyes. "Whatever fag." Brendon said. Josh began walking, Tyler followed.

They walked to the principal and got Josh his schedule and everything he needed. Josh looked at Tyler. "Show me around?" Josh said and smiled. "Sure." Tyler said and smiled.

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