Chapter nineteen//pills

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Play the song it's: breathe me - sia

Tyler took the bottle with shaking hands. He opened it and looked at the pills. White big pills. Tyler cried and closed the bottle. "I can't." Tyler whispered.

Do it.

"I can't." Tyler whispered.

Do it!

"I can't." Tyler said.

Do it!

"I..." Tyler stopped.


"B-Because Josh." Tyler whispered.

He wouldn't care.

"Are you sure?" Tyler said and sat up.

Do it.

Tyler grabbed the bottle and opened it. He looked at the pills as a tear slipped onto his phone. Tyler saw a text from Josh.

Joshua♡ |

Hey baby, I'm on my way home. And i got you something.♥ love you Tyjo♥

TyJo♡ |

Please hurry Josh, I need you.

Joshua♡ |

Baby. No matter what happened, I promise you that you'll be okay. And we'll make it through this together. I love you and I will always love you. And nobody can take that away from us.

Tyler was a mess. He was crying and the pills was all over the floor. Tyler was shaking and trying to breathe. The water from the tub was starting to overflow and Tyler just sat there.

Tyler heard the front door being opened and bags being dropped. Tyler heard Josh running up the stairs and trying to open the door. "Tyler, baby, open the door." Josh said softly. Tyler walked over to the door and unlocked it. Josh opened the door with a frown. The floor was full of water and pills. Josh hugged Tyler tight. "Go get ready for bed and I'll fix this." Josh said and kissed Tyler. "Okay." Tyler whispered and walked to the bedroom.

Tyler undressed and put on his pajamas pants. He laid down and Josh came in. He undressed so he was just wearing his boxers and laid down. Tyler cuddled closer to him and laid his head on Josh's chest. "I love you Tyler." Josh said and inhaled. "I really fricken love you." Josh said and kissed Tyler's forehead. "I really love you too." Tyler said and closed his eyes as a tear slipped onto Josh's chest.

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