Chapter twenty one//family issues

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Chapter twenty one(pilots OooOo)

Josh was done and Josh walked over to Tyler's classroom. Tyler stood and waited for him. "Hey babe." Josh said and kissed him. "Hey Josh." Tyler said back. "I need to go to my house, there have been some family issues and they need help. I can follow you home and then leave." Josh said. "No, just walk home I'm good." Tyler said and smiled. "Sure?" Josh asked. "Positive." Tyler said. They walked out and Josh walked another way.

Josh saw the house. He walked to the doorstep and knocked. Ashley opened and hugged him. She started crying. "Hey, hey, Ashley. It's okay, I'm here now." Josh said and hugged her. "Where's mom?" Josh asked. "She left." Ashley said and walked inside with Josh. Abigail saw Josh and jumped into his arms. "Joshy!" She yelled and hugged him. "Hey Abby!" Josh said and kissed the top of her head. Josh walked up the stairs to Jordans room. He looked at the door. It had posters and do not disturb signs all over the door. Josh knocked on the door. "Go away." Jordan said. "Jordan, it's me." Josh said.
"What do you want?" He said in a bitter tone. "Jordan I'm sorry I left you, I'm sorry I left all of you. I really am. And I didn't know it was this bad Jordan." Josh said and held back tears. "Maybe you should've been here, maybe you shouldn't have left to be with other people instead of taking care of your own family!" Jordan yelled. "I'm sorry Jordan." Josh said and walked out.

"When did mom leave?" Josh asked Ashley. "About three days ago i think." Ashley said. "Why didn't you just call me?" Josh asked and looked at her. "Because I thought you'd be mad." Ashley said a little hesitant. "Ashley, I'd never be mad at you for mom leaving." Josh said and hugged her. Josh's phone vibrated. He got a text from Tyler. "Who's that?" Ashley asked. She didn't know about Tyler. "It's Tyler." Josh said without thinking. "Who's Tyler?" Ashley asked again. "He's my.... uhm.." josh didn't say anything.

Are you okay?

Yeah, it's just that mom and dad left and my siblings was alone in the house and shit.

Do you need any help? I can come over.

Josh looked over at Ashley. She looked intrested in who this Tyler was. "Is it okay if Tyler comes over?" Josh asked. "Of course." Ashley said and smiled. Josh smiled cack.

I don't need help but if you can come over i'd be happy♥

Okay, I'll be over in five.♥


I'm sick!! Ughh!

I hate being sick but it means i can write more so i gues it's okay ^^

441 words. Hope you're happy :))


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