Chapter 40

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Hot steam blew into the air leaving a shrill noise in its wake. Knocking me out of my reverie a small squeak escaping me as I jumped away from the counter. My hand flew up to my chest as I tried to calm my heart beat, chuckling to myself. I've always been a daydreamer but recently it's gotten worse, but I didn't allow my mind to delve into why, though it wasn't something to think about. The mere thought of him made my heart drum faster, his memories brought a smile to my face, and his eyes, his silver eyes, they had me fighting to stay upright.
"Daydreaming?" A soft voice called from behind me and I peeked over my shoulder to see Maggie there smirking. This teasing was common, since the unfortunate day that Xavier had decided to kiss me in front of them all. The very thought had blood rushing to my cheeks.

The way his intense gaze had stayed on me as we walked, warm skin searing my skin from where his arm was wound around my waist, my side sometimes touching his as we walked. He'd held open the door for me his hand lingering at the small of my back as I made my way through. I'd turned towards him to bid him farewell not even catching sight of my three favourite imbeciles making their way out of the back room.

His stormy grey gaze was locked with mine as his arm coiled tighter around my waist the reluctance to let me go showing clear in his gaze. A sweet longing that melted my heart but beneath it was a hunger, a hunger that had my breath hitching in my throat as he leaned in ever so slowly. His soft plump lips crashed into mine, encapturing me completely as his other arm came around me to, yanking me into him, so close not even air could pass through us. Our lips moved together ever so softly, but so smoothly, as if made to be interlocked, his tongue darting out to lick over my bottom lip ever so gently, stealing away the very last coherent thoughts I had. My hand went up to his hair tugging the dark strands between my fingers the way I subconsciously knew he loved. The need for oxygen forgotten, we'd sunk into each other, become one, we moulded together so well I couldn't tell where he began and I ended, our frantic hearts beat against our chests. The clanging of steel falling pulled me out of my haze as I pulled away from him abruptly, ignoring the way his eyes dug into me accusingly.

Sophie, Maggie stood there gaping at us their eyes wide, Jay's jaw dropped, a coffee pot laying near his feet. My own eyes widened as I realized what they had witnessed, I'd wanted to tell them at a more appropriate time in a more appropriate way so that they wouldn't make a big deal out of it all. My heart sunk as I realized what I was going to go through. They would never shut up about it. Xavier yanked me further into him, not liking the way their stares dug into me, his whole body tensing as he sensed my discomfort. I finally looked back up at him to see him staring down at me already, silently telling me he was right there, silently comforting me.

I swallowed nervously as I looked back at those three but he gently grabbed a hold of my chin turning my face back towards him. He leaned down so that his face was level with mine, leaning closer to press his lips to mine once again in a chaste kiss his face gently nudging mine to the side so he could whisper in my ear.
"Would you like me to stay?" He asked quietly but before I could reply a loud squeal had us both turning towards the three that stood watching us.

"You guys are finally together, I knew it, I knew you would eventually see what we all saw." Maggie squealed, dragging the other two who strung along like dolls, absolutely shell shocked as she skipped ahead.
"Oh honey I'm so happy for you, why didn't you tell me?" Maggie said her beautifully aged face forming a heart melting pout.
"I-I." I start still a little wide eyed but am interrupted by Jay.
"You didn't tell me I'm your best friend, I get you didn't tell her, but why not me." Jay said gesturing to Sophie earning a hey from her in protest.

"I-I just wanted to wait so I could avoid this." I say softly, looking anywhere but them. Jay and Sophie attack me with questions that have me blushing and praying Xavier had gone momentarily deaf, though I was only half listening my eyes were on Maggie who had approached Xavier.
"I always liked you honey, I'm happy that little thing finally sees what we've been able to see for so long. I know your going to make her happy honey, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my little Raine." Maggie said softly her hands resting on Xavier's broad shoulders as he lent down so she could speak to him. A small smile coming to my face as I heard her words, only knocked out of my happy mood when Jay's words registered.
"You did sleep with him." He shrieked making my eyes widen as I slap my hand onto his annoying little fat mouth.
"What are you talking about you creep I did not sleep with him." I whisper at him frantically and the smirk in his candy apple green eyes is evident as his mouth opens and knowing what's happening next I quickly yank my hand away, the nasty little chipmunk would've licked my hand. He grins a toothy grin at me throwing his arm around my head, digging his fist into my hair and I struggled to pull away from him, scowling at him as I finally managed to.

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