Chapter 47

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The warm brown eyes of my mother catch my attention as I catch her staring at me through my peripheral vision.
"Wow." She mouths to me quietly and I let out a silent laugh nodding at her. I'd seen it in her eyes when she'd opened the door to let Xavier and I in. Her eyes widening as she looked at him, that complete surprise at him being so very handsome. Even my father had done a double take. I could see the slight apprehension in their eyes. Xavier was a giant especially compared to my 5'4 frame, and he had an intimidating aura if you hadn't seen the crazy cuddly kitten side of him. The form fitting navy coloured sweater and black jeans, that displayed his well muscled form wasn't exactly easing my dad's worry.

But as soon as he'd opened his mouth to greet her, his voice lowering in respect, before he grabbed her hand pressing a kiss to the back of it. I could see it in her eyes as she smiled at me, she loved him already. My father had been just as appeased with Xavier's respectful greeting and appropriately firm handshake.

"I hope I'm not intruding but if you aren't opposed to it, I'd love to help you prepare lunch." Xavier had said, and I could practically see hearts in my mother's eyes. I knew in her head she had just bought us wedding rings and was hugging Xavier instead of me at the ceremony. My mother nodded in response, unable to say much else. I'd told her he cooked, but clearly she didn't expect him to want to help with the preparations of lunch.

"How've you been Raine?" My father asks wrapping his arm around my shoulders.
"I've been good dad, how have you and mama been?" I ask.
"Your mother's as eccentric as always, I spend my days trying to keep up with her." He says and I let out a breathy laugh, we both knew very well that my dad loved how crazy my mother was. It was what had made him fall in love. Also what had kept him in love all these years.

"I'm a little scared your mother's going to fall in love with him, let's follow them." My father whispers to me making me giggle. I walk next to him, tripping over my own feet over the completely smooth ground, and I nearly topple over if it weren't for my father arm coming around me. He pulls me upright, and I look up meeting Xavier's nervous gaze.

"I got you honey." My father says and I smile at him, I'd missed my parents so much. My dad had always caught me when my clumsiness took over when I was a little kid, and despite how old you got, to your parents you'd always be that stumbling crazy baby.

Xavier's right in front of me as I look up and I pat his chest over his fitted sweater to reassure him I'm alright.
"Are you okay?" He asks regardless, you'd think after living with me he'd get used to how clumsy I was but he still worried. His grey eyes widened in panic. He worried far too much. There was a time when I was in high school when my parents stopped asking if I was alright when I tripped down the stairs.

"I'm fine Xavier, now go help my mom, shoo." I say and he gives me a small smile, nodding before turning around to the kitchen. My mother probably not seeing it necessary after years of me tripping to leave in the midst of the preparations to come see me. I always ended up alright, it was the people around me that got bruises while I flailed around trying to keep upright.

"I like him." My dad whispers to me and I look over at him grinning.
"Really?" I ask happily and my father nods with a smile.
"He really cares for you, and he's polite. He looks like he'd be nearly as capable as I am of taking care of you." My father says and I try to hold back my grin, my father looked like a dwarf compared to Xavier.
"I'll always need you Dad." I tell him and he presses a kiss to the side of my head.

"Now let's hurry before your mother falls into the lasagna she's making, looking at your boyfriend." My dad says steering me into the kitchen as I let out a snort. It was plausible, you could practically see the hearts in her amber eyes as she looked at him.

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