Chapter 13

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I groaned lightly, I had left the curtains open again at night and now the sun was searing into my eyes as I started to wake. I kept my eyes closed trying to wake, but I felt an odd weight on my stomach and my body was sore all over.

I opened my eyes slowly flinching when the bright light was the first thing I saw. I tried to get up again but heard a manly groan before the weight on my stomach snuggled deeper into it. I looked down slowly terrified to see what was holding me down, my mind conjuring up thousands of horrific possibilities each worse than the last.

My eyes widened when I saw a strong muscled arm laying on my stomach,but what made me scream was the sight of Xavier Night asleep in a chair beside my bed. Crouched awkwardly so that his head lay near my own and his arm was draped across my stomach.

He jolted awake upon hearing my scream, standing upright in a protective stance with his back to me, pulling a gun out of the side of his pants making me scream even louder. It took him a moment to realize there was no threat, and to realize that I felt threatened by him, that too with a gun.

He turned back to me quickly stuffing the gun back in to his back pocket. He sat back down onto the chair, reaching out to me but I scurried backwards on the bed. A startled scream escaping me, and he looked pained at my reaction.

"Hey, I'm not gonna hurt you." He said his eyes soft and sincere, reminding me so of melting silver. I nodded softly, my heart beating erratically, my body still trembling.

"You passed out so I brought you back to your apartment, I was worried so I, uh I slept here." He said rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, and I turned red remembering that I had fainted in front of him for a second time. Perhaps that's why he hadn't killed me yet, I was just too pathetic for him to bother.

"You though I was going to kill you? I would never hurt you." He said through clenched teeth, his eyes burning up. I swallowed nervously realizing I had said that out loud, seeing my nervous expression the fire in his eyes seems to simmer out.

"And you're most definitely not pathetic." He adds quietly.

"Honestly you did quite a number on him before I even got there." He said his raspy voice lightening with amusement, a twinkle in his eye that seems to calm my trembling.

"Why are you here?" I asked unable to hold the question back anymore, and his amused expression turns dark again. Making me realize how rude I sounded, and of course my traitorous blood decides to rush to my cheeks, to clearly display how embarrassed I was at my own stupidity. I rush to explain myself.
"I-I mean you could have just left me there or or t-take me to a hospital and leave. I-I'm very grateful of you, for saving me from that man, and for bringing me back to my home. But you didn't have to, I don't mean to be an inconvenience. I clarify, hoping he would understand that I didn't mean to offend him.

He simply stared at me his expression still cold and closed off, it seemed to be he was analyzing me, looking for something, but what he saw made his eyes blaze, and his jaw clench tightly.

"You really think that low of me, you think I would just leave you there?" He asked through clenched teeth, the anger in his voice making me tremble in fear. Seeing my terrified state he leaned back, his eyes soft, apologetic.

"I couldn't leave you, not in this state, you were so hurt, so vulnerable." He looked pained as he spoke but suddenly his eyes blazed up again.
"You don't know how I felt when I saw him, what he was going to do to you, it drove me near insane with anger, I saw red, but you wouldn't want me to kill him, that's why I stayed. I had to stay near you for the night or else I would have hunted him down and torn him limb from limb, and his screams would have been the only things that could sate my anger." He said his words sending chills down my spine, his intense eyes looking into mine as he spoke carefully evaluating my reaction to his honest words.

"I, w-would you like some breakfast?" I asked unable to say anything else and he looked at me dumbfounded before he nodded softly. I tried getting up, to make breakfast but he blocked my way, getting up from his chair to lean over me, before gently whispering in my ear.

"You can go change love, I'll prepare breakfast." His warm breath gently blew aginst my ear as he spoke, causing goosebumps to erupt against my skin. He leaned back to see my widened eyes and tightly clenched fists. A soft smirk quirked up his lip as he got up keeping his eyes on me before heading out the door.

I watched his back as he strode out of my room, blinking deliberately to come to terms with how a human could look so composed and breathtaking, first thing in the morning. Trying to compose myself, I got up from the bed still in shock of his words and grabbed my bathrobe and towel walking to the washroom. I started brushing my teeth and almost screamed when I looked up into the mirror.

I was a horrifying mess, my face was bruised, my hair was caked with mud, I was dressed in the sweater I was wearing last night along with my dark jeans, but they were tattered and  caked in mud. I had no idea how that man had stared at me that intensely and not flinched once, or even screamed when he woke up to the sight of this, no wonder that man was in the mafia. He had a heart of stone, I was not a sight for the faint hearted this morning.

I took a long warm shower, helping my tense muscles and bruised body immensely. Getting out, I towel dried my hair before throwing on a pair of grey sweatpants and a fitted black long sleeve.

I made my way to the kitchen the delicious smell wafting out of the kitchen, and filling my little apartment. I walked in to see Mr.Night flipping pancakes, as if he had been a professional chef for the majority of his years. I made my way closer and he turned towards me, the intensity of his gaze making my toes curl. I sucked in my lips, hoping he would go back to his pancakes and he seemed to notice how nervous I was, as he immediately turned away.

"Sit down love, the pancakes are almost ready." He said facing away from me, but it was just too hard to believe this was really happening. The man who all of North America, and most of Europe was absolutely terrified of, was flipping pancakes in my kitchen. He turned around, frowning as he saw how unresponsive I was and cleared his throat softly, causing me to break out of my reverie and stumble towards the small kitchen table.

A small steel jug sat on the table, steam still coming out of it and I peered in to see fresh homemade strawberry sauce making a huge grin come across my face. I couldn't help myself, I dipped a finger in before bringing it to my mouth gently sucking on it. Giggling childishly at the sweet tangy flavor of the sauce. I looked up to see Xavier gazing at me intensely and my eyes widened and I crouched back into my chair. I was such an idiot and now I was going to pay for it, I had just dipped my finger into a sauce that Xavier Night had made. He was probably grossed out and now he was going to dip his fingers into my heart before ripping it out of me.

He made his way towards me as if in a trance and I clenched my eyes shut tightly when he leaned down so he was near me. My eyes shot open when I felt a rough finger gently run across the corner of my mouth. Mr.Night had some of the strawberry sauce on the thumb he had rubbed against my skin and he brought it to his mouth while intensely gazing into my eyes. He sucked the sauce into his mouth, making my eyes widen, and my cheeks turn scarlet. I couldn't help the soft gasp that escaped my lips causing me to turn even more red. His eyes shined with amusement as the side of his lips quirked up at bit. He stayed there for a moment keeping me hypnotized in his gaze, before his eyes fell back to my lips, and he licked his own before backing away going back to cooking pancakes. While I sat there struggling to get my heartbeat under control.

Not only was this man absolutely terrifying he was also very touchy and inappropriate.

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