Chapter 26

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I sat talking to Maggie and Cyrus after my shift was over, the cafe was absolutely empty at this time of night and I adored talking to those two. After what I had done the last time I saw Xavier I wasn't exactly in a rush to go to his house, maybe I would stay at Jay's tonight. My decision had absolutely nothing to do with my cowardice, or at least I tried to convince myself it didn't.

"Honey we love talking to you but it's getting very late." Maggie said, and I nodded realizing it was nearly midnight. I called Jay telling him I was staying over for the night, and though confused he was happy to have me over, offering to pick me up but much to his dismay I declined. But of course Jay wasn't giving up that easy, if I got something he would too, somehow he had gotten me to agree to go to a midnight movie with him, as he wanted to catch the first show of his favourite actor, claiming the actors' body would make it worth it, and although grossed out I agreed. I quickly changed into a pair of dark jeans, with a fitted creme sweater, knowing Jay would skin me alive if I was dressed as he calls it lamely, to watch the premiere of his to be favourite movie.

I quickly messaged Xavier.
"Hi Xavier its Raine, thank you for letting me stay last night but I think I'll just stay with Jay from now on." It read and I sighed looking at it, it even sounded meek to me, anything but the strong unaffected woman I had meant to sound like. I pressed a kiss to Maggie's cheek as she gathered up the dishes outside before making my way to Cyrus who now sat inside the office handling the paperwork. I kneeled down in front of him and he set the bag down turning to me, I grabbed his large hands in my own, the thin skin on his hands worrying me at how fragile it felt.

"Promise me you won't disappear like that again." I said seriously to Cyrus and he smiled at me gently.
"I promise cookie." He answered.
"One more thing." I say and he nods looking at me confused.
"Get well soon okay, put all your energy into it, because there is no way you are leaving me or Maggie." I said stubbornly, my vision starting to get blurry as tears began to cloud my eyes and he nodded at me extending his pinkie, and I smiled at him connecting my own pinkie with his, the way we would when I was a child.
"Goodnight Cyrus." I told him pressing a kiss to his cheek before grabbing my bag.

I dragged the bag through the door huffing and puffing as I went but came to a stop when I saw who waited outside.

Xavier stood leaned up against his car his steely grey eyes trained on me intensely, watching my every move as I fidgeted beneath his gaze. His gaze was predatory, he looked at me as if I were his prey, his thick muscled arms covered by the dress shirt that he had folded up showing his impressive forearms, were crossed in front of his broad chest. The first few buttons of the shirt popped open hinting at his muscled chest, the smooth tan skin gleaming in contrast to the white shirt and night. He seemed to glow with an ethereal dark beauty, one that could easily have me enthralled.

I slowly made my way to him, realizing I couldn't run, he was much taller and he probably worked out while I read and drank sugary beverages all day, it wouldn't exactly be a fair chase.

I came to a stop next to him, keeping a large distance between us, I mumbled out a small 'hi' to him while staring down not wanting to meet his intense angry gaze. I finally mustered up the courage to look up at him, and let out a gasp when I did, he was right in front of me. His arm wrapped around my waist pressing me against his car, and I squirmed in his hold, biting my lip keeping my eyes trained on his large broad chest covered by the white dress shirt.

His hand came up under my chin forcing me to look into his eyes, up close I could see the storm brewing in his grey eyes as he stared at me, he was not happy with me. He holds up his phone letting me see the message and through clenched teeth he finally speaks.
"What's this supposed to mean?" He asks me his voice rougher then usual as he asks of the aloof message I sent him, holding up his phone before me.

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