Chapter 48

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I let out a huff, blowing my bangs out of my face in frustration. As much as I loved sleeping, I just wasn't able to sleep today. I'd tried everything, from reading non fiction books about penguins to counting sheep, I preferred alpacas so I'd counted those instead. But I still just couldn't sleep. It didn't help that I had an afternoon shift at the cafe tomorrow, so getting to sleep now was important or I wouldn't be well rested enough to deal with customers. I gulped in dread as I remembered we still hadn't gotten our delivery of chocolate, it was delayed to two days after. The customers were not going to be happy to know that the chocolatey baked goods they were looking forward to eating, were unavailable.

Letting out a sigh I flip around onto my other side, my eyes widening as they meet a hooded silver pair.

"You're awake." I breathe out to Xavier and he gives me an adorable sleepy nod. His black hair even messier than usual from sleep, drooping onto his forehead, as he gazes at me.

"So are you." Xavier mumbles quietly, his deep voice huskier after just waking up. He wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me into his chest.

"I couldn't sleep." I say and Xavier rolls over so that he's laying flat on his back, tugging me so that I'm laying on top of his chest. I let out a quiet oomph, closing my eyes as I try to detangle my legs from the comforter, before opening them. My eyes widen as I see the way Xavier's looking at me, a small sleepy smile on his face, as he gazes up at me with those silver eyes filled with admiration.

"You're so beautiful. Sometimes I feel like you couldn't possibly be real." Xavier says making me wrinkle my nose, I blink my eyes deliberately as he gently taps my wrinkled nose with his pointer finger.

I sit up on him, so that my legs are straddling his hips, bended behind me as I stare down at him, feeling the light of the moon travel in from the large glass windows. I had gotten sick of laying down aimlessly. Xavier's smile looks absolutely content as he silently watches me, his hands under his head, looking up at me. The light from the moon illuminating his masculine beauty. His chest and shoulders broad, waist thin, stomach covered in rippling muscles slightly more flattened as he lays back, his defined biceps bulging as his arms bend.

"You look much better in my clothes than I do." He says and I give him a sceptical look, I highly doubted even the brand models looked better in his clothes than him. Actually I was quite sure they didn't. His white collar shirt is gigantic on me, the sleeves covering my hands, the hem trailing to mid thigh. The thin satin material of the shirt engulfing my figure completely, and I hadn't bothered with pants as Xavier and I weren't expecting any visitors.

Xavier's hands come to rest on my waist, and he pulls me closer to him, making my unruly chocolate waves bounce forward so they rest on my chest.

"Why can't you sleep?" Xavier asks and I shrug.
"I don't know, I'm just not very tired." I reply.

"But I am bored." I complain.
"I can fix that." Xavier says, his hands travelling up to my upper back, gently he pulls me down so that my face is hovering right above his. My hair falls all around us, our breaths intermingling as they escape our parted lips. Our breathing getting deeper in anticipation of what was to come.

Gently he presses his lips to the corner of my mouth, the warmth of them making my breath hitch. He does the same to the other side of my mouth, before pulling away and I glare at him. The silver eyed kitty was teasing me on purpose.
"I'm sorry love, do you want something?" He asks feigning innocence.

"Nothing at all, I was in a kissing mood but I can just go else-" I say but I'm interrupted as Xavier suddenly twists us around so that I'm laying under him.
"Mine." He growls pouting and I try to suppress my smile.

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