Authors note

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Hey guys most of you probably don't even know but I took The Beast down for a while only a few chapters and honestly it was a mistake. A knee jerk reaction to seeing some comments, it had been building up for a while I really try not to say much about comments because I want you guys to be honest with me constructive critics helps me so much. But swearing at them and being unreasonably harsh is a bit far, no mater how frustrating they might be, I created them they're my babies my characters and I go all mother hen when people swear at them. I am sorry because most of you are so sweet and comment the most heart touching things that have me close to tears in a very good way and I love you for that, even the silent readers you guys too.

I don't wanna scare you guys you can speak your mind but really if you don't like something big about the story just stop reading it. There's no need to put someone down, like if you think it's cliche and that's a problem for you just stop reading. I love all of you, you guys are the sweetest and most amazing readers ever. You make my day with your comments, sometimes when I'm down I just go back and read them, but I do write this for myself I enjoy writing and if you write you know you can't write all the time, you need to be inspired, be in the mood. This book is like all my thoughts and basically just a little piece of heaven for me thatI love writing. I apologize for taking down the chapters though, that was stupid I'll be updating very soon. I really do love you all have a great night my little lovelies I promise to never do this again ever.

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