Chapter 8

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I walked into my class, today was going to be a good day, mid-terms were over and after two long gruelling weeks I could finally relax again. I had even taken a week off from the cafe for exams, and missed it terribly. Unlike most people I loved my job and couldn't wait for my shift today. In order to celebrate midterms being over, my business management professor had a guest speaker coming in. Apparently he was from one of the biggest companies in North America. He was a great professor, although a tad bit strange. He'd newly moved from a country in Europe but had no distinguishable accent, and more than half of his stories were quite questionable.

I took my usual seat beside Tyler, he was one of the sweetest guys I had ever met and very helpful. I smiled at Tyler whispering a "hi" to him before turning back to the professor who was ranting about the guest speaker. The short middle aged man could speak much longer in just one breath than what one would expect at just one glance at him.

I shuffled through my messy bag trying to find my pen, growing more frustrated by the second. I huffed before sweeping my hair into a ponytail and diving back into the mess I called a bag pulling out my books to find my favorite pen. I was still trying to find my stuff while listening to my professor when he said something that had me frozen in my seat.

"Class welcome James Winchester of Night Enterprises." Night Enterprises belonged to Xavier Night the terrifying man that had been the topic of most of my friends and my conversations unfortunately since I had told them of our strange encounters. I heard gasps all around the auditorium, whispers filling the room, people completely shocked the professor would bring in a man from the most scandalous business in North America. A tall man stood next to my professor, he had cleanly cut short caramel brown hair, and bright green eyes that seemed to be the couloir of grass almost. He made my poor short professor look even smaller than he normally did.

"Hello second years, my name is James. I am the head on the board of directors for Night enterprises. Mr.Night sends his apologies for not being able to attend, but I have come in his stead." The man said and everyone gaped at him in silence the whole room so silent that we would be able to hear a pin drop.

"I have prepared a presentation for you all to see how this business reached the top and what a normal day in the office looks like." The man said. It seemed everyone associated with Xavier Night was completely solemn and intimidating of course not nearly as much as him but still quite scary.

We watched the presentation in awe Xavier Night had started this company and in just a few months the company had reached the top and had only gained more success as the years passed by.

"Isn't that amazing he started the company from scratch?" I whispered to Tyler leaning over a bit.
"Yeah not really god knows what the man did to make the company this successful." Tyler whispered back making my eyes widen as I leaned back into my seat. Completely forgetting my train of thought as I thought about the many things the terrifying man might have done to achieve that position.

The lights flicked back on as the presentation finished and James rose from his seat in the back of the class grabbing the disc before turning back to us.

"I hope you all enjoyed the presentation and it was very nice meeting you." The man said staring in my direction, his gaze curious and questioning but it seemed as if he had figured something out as his eyes glinted in friendly approval. After a moment of silent eye contact he looked away from me leaving me confused.

The man walked out of the class ignoring my professor Mr.Hale who asked if the class had any questions. But my professor was still so overly excited about the amazing presentation that he didn't even notice. He seemed to be nearly bouncing on his feet as he rambled on about Night Enterprises and their impressive financial and accounting skills. Much too fast for any of the students to even attempt to understand, let alone take any notes.

Our class sat silently as Mr.Hale rambled about the presentation and soon noticing our lack of enthusiasm the man dismissed us early. Mumbling to himself about how terrifying it was that we were the future.

I said a quick goodbye to Tyler as we parted ways outside of the hall but unfortunately for me he leaned in for a hug. Me being the horribly awkward person I am, I patted his back hoping for this to end.

"Ms.Peirce." Rang out a horribly familiar deep velvety voice from behind us and Tyler finally pulled away from me. I hoped that it would turn out not to be who I thought it was but when I saw Tyler's horrified expression I knew there was no hope and slowly turned around.

Xavier Night stood there looking even more intimidating than usual in an all black suit, glaring at Tyler who barely managed to squeak out a "bye" before running away leaving me all alone with him. His finely pressed black collar shirt stretched tautly over his chest, doing little to hide how impressively muscled his chest was. The blazer accenting his muscled arms, only furthering his intimidation, his black slacks fitted nicely to his thick muscled legs. The all black clothing and clearly toned body that they disclosed within making him stand out amongst all the university kids.

He stepped closer to me, making me unconsciously take a step back and he frowned. My heartbeat began to quicken as I looked up into his stormy grey eyes, my chest rising and falling rapidly with my deep breaths.

"W-what are you doing here M." I caught myself before I could say Mr.Night remembering his response to me calling him that the last time I saw him and his eyes filled with amusement.

"I had an important job to get done." He said making me bite my lip like I always did when nervous or thinking about something. His eyes trained on my lip before he looked back into my eyes and his own seemed to be even more intense then usual, making me shiver he was probably thinking of the job he had done. I was willing to bet a lot of money it was something completely illegal.

Thinking of all the crimes he could commit at a university I gulped, discreetly trying to take a step further away from him. His jaw clenched as he noticed my movement again his eyes darkening as he looked at me. I shifted uncomfortably under his scrutinizing gaze.

Luckily Mr.Hale walked towards us probably to help me get away from the dangerous man perhaps he even knew of Mr.Night's reputation. But my hopes were once again shattered as Mr.Hale nearly shoved me out of the way putting his hand out for him to shake rambling about how it was an honor to meet him.

"Raine the headmaster just informed me Mr.Night here has donated a very large sum to the business department of our university, maybe that trip we have all been hoping for will actually happen this year. All because of this man." My professor said looking at Mr.Night with awe and admiration. I looked at Xavier Night to see him already staring at me, for some reason I felt guilty for my assumption but really it wasn't my fault the man was so intimidating that anyone would assume that. I tried to excuse myself from the conversation not wanting to stay under Mr.Night's stare any longer.

"I should get going I have to get to work I'm already late. So, uh have a nice day." I said confused not knowing what to say.

"I can drop you off." Xavier Night said just as I was about to turn away and I couldn't help myself I nearly yelled out a loud no blushing when I saw their expressions.

"I mean I don't want to be a burden and I like walking." I said hoping that was an adequate explanation.

"I insist." He said sternly.

"Raine if the kind gentleman is offering a ride you should go." Mr.Hale said, proving he had indeed only moved here a few months ago and had heard nothing about the man who hid behind the face of a successful businessman. He saw me open my mouth to protest and shot me a harsh glare.

"Speaking of saving time I think that maybe today I could sign those papers for a scholarship application for you Raine." The professor said and my jaw nearly dropped open this man was bribing me in clear daylight and it was totally working. Even though I might just end up murdered in a ditch I would have to go, a scholarship would help my parents so much in paying for my tuition. My proud parents refused to allow me to pay for my own tuition, they thought allowing me to pay for my own living expenses was far more than enough burden for me. Perhaps if I were a bit taller the people around me wouldn't be so protective.

"A-alright if it's not a hassle." I said my voice coming out shaky.

"Lead the way love." Xavier Night said gesturing towards the guest parking lot, his eyes sparkling in amusement and mischief.

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