Chapter 39

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His arm wound tightly around me as he pressed himself right against me, every crook, every crevice pressed against my own. His chest rose and fell with every breath, every breath that I could feel within me. I had been slightly irritated all day, having been unable to fall asleep last night, and then having woken up much too early. Nothing seemed to be going right today, I'd somehow even managed to boil the water for too long for my tea and it had spilled, as had my shampoo as I'd showered. But something about his touch made me forget all about my previous irritation.

His heartbeat frantically, matching my own as he leaned down pressing a soft kiss to the outside of my ear, making me squirm slightly. My mom had always said if a man truly loved you, no matter how long you've been together his heart will go haywire when he's near you. A heart in love is naive, it tries so hard to beat its way out of its rightful place to touch its' beloved.

"How is my love doing?" Xavier questions quietly, trailing kisses leisurely from my jaw to the base of my throat.
"F-fine." I replied attempting but failing to hide my breathlessness, trying to keep steady the paint brush in my hand. Xavier had always been affectionate but these last few weeks nearly had my heart failing. Every time he was near me, I struggled to breath and it was as if he couldn't stay away.

"Just fine?" He asked his tongue flicking out to lick at the tick in my jaw, making me swallow nervously as I tried to suppress the shiver that begged to rake through me.
"Fantastic." I tried making him chuckle softly as his arms tightened around my waist whirling me around so that I faced him, unfortunately though the brush I was holding landed right on the pristine white collar of his shirt. My eyes widened as I looked at the chocolate brown coloured paint that was now scattered on his shirt, a dot of it landing on his sharp jaw.

Unthinkingly I licked my thumb reaching up to try to get the paint off, my thumb rubbing at his jaw. He had a very sharp jaw, if I ever needed to slice toast and there wasn't any knife around I could probably just use his face. My fingers wandered over the length of his jaw, analyzing how the slicing would work before I realized what I was doing.

"I'm so sorry." I said hastily grabbing a nearby towel to dab at his shirt, but it only seemed to smear further, but I wasn't going to let the paint win. I rubbed furiously at the paint, slapping at Xavier's hand as he tried to grab for the towel. I placed my hand on his well defined collar bone giving myself more space to work. I finally took off the towel to get a glimpse of my success gasping when I realized it had just spread more.
"Oh my, I'm sorry it wasn't supposed to spread." I mumbled.

My lips formed a subconscious pout as I looked up at him hopelessly, letting out an angry huff when I saw the amusement shining in his silver eyes. I tried to move away from him but his hold on my waist was tight, arms encircling it firmly. I awkwardly folded my arms over my chest in the space I had, turning my face away from him, only looking at him from the corner of my eyes.

My jaw nearly dropped as he unwound one arm from around my waist, undoing the buttons of his shirt leisurely before yanking it off. His smooth tan skin stretched tautly over the large muscles of his broad chest, his shoulders wide, muscles lining up on his stomach to create a six pack worthy of a fitness commercial, or Greek God, whichever suited him best. His arms were large and packed with muscle, in all he was beautiful, a type of masculine beauty that could leave a beholder gaping. I turned my face further away from him, his perfection only angering me, why was he so perfect, it was distracting me from my anger.

A lock of hair fell onto my forehead from my messily done bun placed at the top of my head and I blew at it angrily.

A warm large calloused hand cupped my face gently, turning me to face him, he angled my face upwards leaning down to press his lips to my angry pout. My eyes unwillingly fluttering shut as his lips touched mine. His lips move tenderly against mine as he pulls me closer to him, his hand travelling to the back of my head and tilting it further back so that he could deepen the kiss. His hand lightly travel over my head before landing on my bun, and he unfurls it gently, allowing my unruly chocolate waves to fan around us as he takes away every coherent thought from my mind. He bites my bottom lip ever so softly, pecking my lips before pulling away.
"My silly baby." He mumbles softly against my lips, his plump red ones touching mine with every word, making it a little difficult for me to follow.

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