Chapter 44

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Caution: Very disturbing content ahead, please do not read if you are easily disturbed.

I plastered myself against the wall, clenching my little hands together tightly, a sob jerking through me. His large fist came pummelling down onto the soft skin of her cheek, and she stumbled backwards, trying to run. To lead him out of the room, but he grabs onto her long soft caramel coloured hair, tugging her backwards and to his chest. His arm locks around her pale slender throat, the inner side of his elbow digging into her barely healed skin. A choked sound escapes her parted lips, as she flails around desperately, her leg accidentally hitting him as she kicks backwards making him drop her. Dropping on all fours she pants harshly, trying to crawl away from him but he grabs onto her leg pulling her back towards him.

He picks her slender body up easily, hoisting her up by the collar of her light purple dress, before dropping her back down. A slight oomph escaping her lips as she drops. She always tried her best not to let out any sounds, always trying to protect me from hearing her pain. His leg swings backwards before kicking forwards, connecting with a loud crunch to her ribs, and she flies backwards into the wall.

She curls in on herself, breathing deeply through her nose, trying her best to calm her desperate panting, but he doesn't give her a break. Kicking once again, this time aiming for her lower stomach, and her eyes clench shut as her body jolts with the blow. He bends down to her, and despite her state her breath halts completely as he grabs her soft thin jaw in his hands. His fingers digging deep into the soft pale skin, as he roughly pulls her head up to face him.

"Next time I tell you to do something, you do it, got that bitch?" He snarls, waiting for a response, sneering angrily when he doesn't get one. He lets go of her face, kicking her stomach once again as he heaved himself back up, before he turns. His dark beady grey eyes land on mine and my own widen as I stare at him in fear. I clench my stomach inwards as my breath halts in my chest, only releasing when he releases me from the hold of his cold gaze, and turns away walking back out into the living room.

My eyes land back on her, connecting with the soft green of hers, and she gives me a weak smile, reaching her hand out to me, she beckons me closer gently. I walk towards her slowly, wincing as she struggles to pull herself up to sit leaned against the wall, where the mint green wallpaper is peeling off. I come to stand before her my lower lip trembling as tears leak down the soft skin of the apple of my cheeks. She grabs onto my hand, tugging ever so gently and I fall down onto my knees before her.

"A-are you okay momma?" I question a sob escaping me, and her sweet sad smile melts into a frown as she wraps her hands gently around my small waist, pulling me towards her. Her hands reaching out to gently wipe the tears away from my eyes. She leans forward pressing a gentle kiss to my forehead.
"I'm fine baby." She says softly, her sweet melodic voice ringing gently in the silence of the room, the only sound other then the television he had probably switched on.

"Don't cry darling, momma's absolutely fine, I promise. You're momma's strong boy aren't you?" She asks and I nod frantically and she chuckles softly, pulling me into her to press a kiss to my soft cheek. I had just recently turned six, I was definitely old enough to be momma's strong boy now.

I stand up, holding my hands out to her and she smiles at me weakly, putting her soft warm slightly calloused hands in mine, allowing me to help hoist her up.
"What a gentleman you are." She says and I blush, digging my face into the soft cotton of her dress and she chuckles. Grabbing onto my hand she leads me out of the hall, limping slightly as we walk to her room.

She sets my small body on the thin mattress of the bed, and my eyes land on the purple bruises on the pale skin of her jaw, making me frown. My eyes beginning to water again but suddenly her fingers make their way to my sweater, pulling it up slightly as her long thin fingers dance against the skin of my sides. A loud giggle like shriek escapes me as she continues her tickle attack, and a soft giggle escapes her as she shushes me, finally stopping her relentless tickling.

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