Chapter 22

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The door opened beside me, he offered me his hand, and hesitantly I slipped mine into his, Xavier tightened his grip using that to help me out.

He shut the car door behind me not letting go of my hand, and even though a part of me wanted to pull away, another part, one a lot less cautious, enjoyed the warmth his hand provided. It liked the way his hand completely engulfed mine, and adored the way he felt so close to me. But that was a part I couldn't afford to give into, that was the part that had gotten me here, and I didn't want to give Xavier the wrong idea. That would be unfair. Although a part of me questioned if I really would be giving him the wrong idea, perhaps just this once I would let it go.

He led me up to the large home the house was dark perhaps even unwelcoming at first, and yet it held a captivating beauty, an irresistible intrigue just like its' owner.

He inserted the key and punched in a combination before pushing the door open as I stood patiently behind him. I looked all around, trying to make it obvious that I was not looking at the combination, he seemed like a secretive man, I wanted him to know his privacy was quite safe when it came to me. Although with how tall he was, and with my measly 5'4 I might have not made it into his peripheral vision. Xavier walked in after swinging the door open turning to face me, and I felt his gaze on me as I made my way in.

The home was even more beautiful on the inside, decorated in blacks, silvers, and greys, and was absolutely spotless, clean to the point where it didn't even look inhabited. The furniture was simplistic and sleek but clearly extremely expensive.

The whole house smelled like Xavier and I couldn't say I was complaining, it was the most intoxicating thing ever. If possible I would bottle up the scent and smell it forever.

"It's not exactly very welcoming, but it's home." Xavier said and I turned to him confused as to why he would say that, his home was beautiful.

"It's beautiful." I said staring right into his eyes, intentionally for once, he nodded at me, biting the inside of his cheek as if suppressing a smile as he took a small step closer.

"Are you hungry?" He asked gently, leaning his head down so that he was closer to me. His gaze almost tender, vulnerable as he gazed at me, a soft longing displayed in it that I didn't understand. I shook my head, taking a small step back, increasing the distance between us and he nodded, straightening up. The gentle trance he was in seemingly broken, his expression and gaze indecipherable again.

"I can take you to your room if you're tired." He offered, his voice deeper than before, and I nodded trying to decipher the look in his intense eyes. I didn't like when he was like this, it was so difficult to tell what he was feeling, even though most of his actions were baffling to me, at least they gave me something to analyze and take guesses at, but like this he was completely closed off.

"Yeah, that would be nice." I said, and he reached out to grab my hand, using that to lead me to my room. Walking intentionally slower so that we walked side by side, instead of me being dragged along behind him.

I felt him stare at me as we walked, but I kept my face forward resisting the strong pull of his gaze. He led me up the stairs, and me being the clumsy person that I am, I almost slipped. A small squeal passed from my lips as I felt my foot slide off the step painfully, but before I could tumble down, Xavier tugged me towards him by my waist. Wrapping me up in his warm strong arms, holding me close to his chest, as if afraid that I would slip away if he let go. I stayed frozen my heart beating so fast I thought that it would pump straight out of my chest, he pushed his face into my hair, nuzzling it comfortingly.

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