Chapter 11

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The days had gone by so quickly, today was the day I was supposed to leave, and waking up to the sight of my bags sitting in the corner packed up again, had not helped me to deal with leaving again. I was meant to leave in the afternoon, but I had decided to leave this evening instead, to prolong the time I had left with my parents before I was to return to my apartment.

My parents and I were out all day, even though I worked, they insisted to pay for the things that I wished to buy. Being an only child had its benefits, but I'd feel horrible if I let them pay for everything, they already payed for my tuition as it is. Although for a few things my parents won against me, and they paid for them. The town was really small, so I usually did some shopping when I came to see my parents, shops in town seldom had things I liked.

After shopping, I had insisted to have dinner at home, even though they persisted to treat me to my favourite restaurant. On any other day I would have been eager to accept, but today I wanted a warm fresh meal made by my mother, god knows it would be a long time before I could come back.

I sat beside my dad, helping him prepare the salad while my mom quickly whipped up chicken roast for all of us. It was customary for my dad and I to prepare the salad while my mom made dinner, for she claimed we would burn the house down trying and it still wouldn't be edible.

My mom set the chicken down in front of us, taking a seat across from us as my dad served us all. I dug in absolutely starved but I could feel my moms stare on me, and I looked up from my plate, raising my eyebrows since my mouth was too full to talk.

"Honey you would tell us if you met someone special right?" My mom asked, making me nearly choke on my food, and I saw my dad crinkle his nose and clench his lips the way I did every time I was in an awkward situation. It wasn't that he didn't want me to date, he just had trouble coming to terms with that fact that his only child, was now old enough to date. Really I'd been old enough for quite a few years now, I'd just never been too eager to do so, since I was young I'd had a part time job, and school so I barely had time for a guy. I also wasn't the type of girl most guys went for, even in high school, it would be my friends that boys would hit on, while I stood off to the side awkwardly. I was much too shy to pursue any little crush I'd ever had myself either.

"I-I would tell you guys, I just haven't found anyone yet." I said hoping my mom would drop it. My mom looked at me, her lips pursed slightly as she frowned staring at me deeply, but it seemed as if she had seen something in me for she looked away, offering my dad dressing for his salad. Me and my dad both exhaled in relief and I saw my dad smile at me in fondness. We were both so alike, my mom would often complain that it was as if he was my mother, for instead of me being my mom's shadow I was my dad's.

We finished up our meal, and shifted our little party over to our living room, all grabbing our preferred hot beverages. Falling back into routine at home was so easy, sitting with my parents chatting while I sipped on green tea felt so normal, as if I had never even moved out, but all too soon the evening came to an end and I had to leave.

I stood beside the door pressing one last kiss onto my mother's cheek before pulling away from her embrace and into my dad's awaiting arms. That was the worst about going away I couldn't hug my parents whenever I wanted to.

"Come back soon honey, we miss you more than you can imagine when you're gone." My mom says and I smile at her promising I would be back soon, before I stepped out into the dark night.

Getting into my car, I waved them a final goodbye, before backing out of the driveway. I really hoped I would be able to come back soon, although with University and work it wasn't very probable.

I had been driving for hours, and was so close to falling asleep, I probably should have left earlier. It had been nearly five hours before I finally saw anything that seemed even remotely familiar.

I got out of my car walking like a drunk person, I was so tired, I could fall asleep standing. My drooping eyes shot open as I heard an odd rustling behind me before I felt a presence right behind me, I was just about to turn around when a warm sweaty hand came up to cover my mouth as the person behind me held my hip with his other hand. I struggled against him panicking, this was all too familiar.

"Remember me sweetheart."

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