Chapter 14

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I could see Sophie and Maggie cleaning tables through the windows of the cafe, as they chattered away, laughing wholeheartedly. I sat in the large comfy seats of Mr.Night's SUV, I had tried to get out but the doors were locked.

"I'll walk you out." He said, his velvety voice seemed to surround us in the silent car.

"No I," I said turning towards him but a sharp look from him, had me slamming my mouth shut.

He got out of the car swiftly making his way towards me, opening the door for me. I thanked him quietly walking ahead of him a sense of déjà vu washing over me.

I swung open the door to the cafe, holding it open for him behind me and he stepped in behind me, so close, I could feel his breath gently caressing me, I walked faster unintentionally attracting the attention of Sophie who looked at me smiling before she realized who was behind me and her smile dropped. I looked to Maggie to see her silently assessing the two of us her face solemn.

We stood in silence for a moment the air thick with tension until Maggie's serious expression broke into a warm smile and she made her way towards us, coming to a stop so she was right in front of Xavier Night.

"Mr.Night it's so nice to finally meet you." Maggie said, and I admired her bravery this was her first time speaking to him and her voice didn't waver once. If I hadn't heard her say his name I would have thought she was speaking to somebody else.

"Likewise Mrs..." He trailed off.

"Wellington dear, but you're welcome to call me Maggie." She said, and my eyes almost bugged out she was getting much too cozy with the mafia it was completely unnatural, could she not sense how dangerous the man was.

"Maggie." He said a soft look in his eye as he stared at Maggie, his eyes slightly dazed as if he was lost in thoughts of a world we knew nothing about.

"Would you like a drink, or perhaps something to eat?" Maggie asked.

"No, although the drinks here are exceptional I have to get going, but thank you." He said holding the hand Maggie had held out, telling her it was a pleasure to have met her, before letting go of her hands and walking towards me.

"Goodbye Raine." He said and I nodded not looking at him as I mumbled out a small bye, and I heard an almost inaudible sigh escape his lips as he walked out of the cafe.

"Seriously again?" Sophie shrieked, and I cringed, of course this was to be expected, I was once again driven by the infamous Xavier Night.

"It's not what you think." I said not knowing what to say, not wanting to tell them the real reason why I had been with him. I preferred to push bad things to the back of my mind and not give them a thought again, recounting the story to Sophie and Maggie did not fit into that category.

"Really then what was it?" Sophie questioned annoyed with my cryptic answer.

"Sophie, leave her alone, believe me Mr.Night wouldn't hurt her." Maggie said and although I was relieved she had interrupted Sophie's questioning. I didn't understand how she could have come to that conclusion so quickly, but nonetheless I stay quiet.

Sophie huffed stomping towards her belongings, throwing on her coat before leaving slamming the door loudly in her wake. I looked at Maggie and she gave me a reassuring smile which I attempted to return, failing horribly.

Customers filed in filling the rest of our day with attending to the regulars, while trying to keep the little place clean.

After five hours of incessantly working, I was nearly swaying on my feet, and Maggie sent me home early, telling me she would clean up and close the cafe early too.

I walked home trying to focus on the street instead of the paranoia that crept up on me. Goosebumps covered my skin, and couldn't fool myself into thinking they were only due to the cold.

My phone began to vibrate in my pocket, reaching into it I pulled it out, swiping to answer it and putting it to my ear.
"Hello." I breathed into the phone.

"Ms.Peirce, its Officer Roberts, the man who attacked you, Marcus Campbell has been arrested. He has confessed to attacking you, so there will not be any need for your involvement in the procedures. I thank you for coming to us. I hope you still have that pamphlet I have you, I highly recommend for you to contact one of those specialists, but the choice is yours. You have my number, feel free to call it if you ever have any questions or get into any trouble." The officer says.

"Of course, thank you so much for letting me know. I'd prefer not being involved in the procedures, but I'm willing to help if anything is ever needed. Thank you officer." I say and the officer bids me a goodnight before cutting the call. After Xavier Night had left my apartment I had contacted Officer Roberts, alerting him of the incident. His partner and him had come to my apartment to take my statement, assuring me that they would try their absolute best to find the man. Apologizing profusely for not having caught the man yet, clearly looking very guilty about the incident. I'd had to reassure them it wasn't their fault, they'd looked so very upset.

I finally make it home, feeling a lot less scared to be out alone now. As I make it to my floor and into my little apartment I set my purse and keys onto the side table, shrugging off my coat and shoes. Absolutely exhausted after the day I've had, I quickly change into my pyjamas before collapsing into my neatly made bed. The softness of the sheets had me falling asleep almost instantly, dreams of a dark saviour clouding my mind as I slept.

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