Chapter 12

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I felt my heart almost stop before it started beating faster than it ever had before and my struggles increased tenfold when his hand trailed from my hip, and went under my shirt kneading the flesh there making me scream in frustration.

"I've been watching you since that night sweetheart waiting to get you all alone, so we can finish what we started." He said and I whimpered in pain when he squeezed my hip under my shirt.

"It's gonna be so much fun." He said dragging me into a nearby alleyway.

"Don't worry baby if you're good I won't just leave you I'll take you with me, keep you with me." He said rubbing himself against my back and I screamed louder trying to get out of his grip, it wasn't working so I did the only thing I could think of I bit his hand as hard as I could. He cursed loudly letting me go.

I whipped around punching him with all the force I had and I felt a loud crack signaling one of us had broken something, but I didn't know if it was me, the panic and adrenaline had made me numb.

I turned around running to my apartment but I didn't get very far before a hand clamped down onto my jean clad ankle and pulled, effectively throwing me down. I fell, hitting my face hard against the pavement and groaned as I lay there, before struggling to get up again.

As soon as I got up he clamped onto me again pasting himself onto me while trying to get my jacket off but I struggled against him making that difficult.

"Stop struggling or I will make it as painful for you as possible." He said grasping my hair and yanking on it and I yelled out as my head shot back.

"Not that it's gonna be very nice for you right now either." He cackled to himself, and I looked up at him wanting to see the face of the vile man who would want to force himself onto someone.

My eyes were met with emotionless beady watery blue eyes, his skin looked greasy and his teeth were yellowed, clearly he also smoked cigarettes.

He managed to get my jacket off and threw it to the ground, pushing me and I fell onto the hard pavement once again banging the back of my head this time, making my vision blurry for a moment before I tried to shake myself out of it when I felt him climb onto me. I struggled against him hitting him wherever I could, and managed to get in a few good claws at his face. He finally managed to get a hold of my wrists, I was starting to get tired and my vision kept getting fuzzy and he knew it. He pinned my wrists next to me before giving me a disgusting smirk.

"No one here to save you this time huh sweetheart." He said his face sinister, and I closed my eyes knowing it was hopeless to struggle but suddenly the weight was lifted off of me.

"Look again asshole." Mr.Night said before slamming his fist into my attacker's face, making a sickening crunch resonate throughout the silent alleyway. I tried to get up but failed miserably and plonked back down onto my behind.

I looked up trying to get my bearings, and through my blurry vision I saw Mr.Night repeatedly slamming his fist into any place he could reach on the attacker's body, and through my blurry vision I could see red on the assaulter's face, but he was completely motionless now. Xavier Night kept punching him though it was as if he was possessed, I could see him shouting something and struggled to gain enough control to hear what he was saying. Straining my ears I could barely make out what he was yelling in his deep husky voice, coated with unadulterated rage.

"Dare... Touch her. You hurt her. Messed with..... What's mine I'm gonna finish you." The strain I was putting myself through to make sense of his words became too much and I tried to call out to him so that he would stop hitting the man or else he would die.

"Mr.Night." I called, my voice soft but somehow he heard me, he stiffened, his fist stopping mid way before he turned towards me. He rushed towards me when he saw my eyes beginning to roll back.

"Stay awake baby please." He begged his voice soft.

"But I'm sleepy." I argued my head lolling back, and that was too much for him as he scooped me into his arms cradling my small form to his chest.

"I'm so sorry I didn't come earlier amica mea." He said softly into my ear, and it was the last thing I heard before completely surrendering myself to the darkness.

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