Chapter 25

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Jay stared at me wide eyed as I twiddled with my fingers nervously waiting for him to say something. We had been sitting in this uncomfortable silence for about 5 minutes now, I had finished telling my story with only a few interruptions from Jay and was now waiting desperately for him to respond or say anything at all. He could start rambling about carrot raisin pudding and I would be okay with it, as long as he stopped looking at me like that. Finally my prayers were answered.

"So you're telling me the man that looks at you like that is only giving you a place to stay, as a protective acquaintance?" Jay said choosing his words carefully and I nodded frantically relieved he understood me. Jay shook his head at me, letting out a chuckle under his breath and I stared at him confused as he said
"Oh Raine you poor oblivious child."

"What do y-" I started but Jay interrupted me.

"Nope you will figure it out on your own and it's going to beautiful when you do." Jay said dramatically, and I looked at him raising a corner of my lip in distaste at my odd friend.

"Were you here to see me?" Jay asked happily as if our heavy discussion hadn't just taken place.

"Yes, and to grab clothes I can't exactly go to work in Xavier's clothes." I said, and Jay let out a high pitched squeal making me jump further into the couch.

"You're wearing his clothes?" He asked and I nodded slowly not understanding the big deal until he wiggled his brows at me and I blushed again, glaring at Jay.

"You have a very icky mind." I told him, and he chuckled at my choice of words, ruffling my hair playfully he yanked me up off the couch nearly dislocating my shoulder in the process. He dragged me to the room I had been staying in, rambling happily to me as he folded clothes.

I changed in the washroom quickly, too tired to even attempt to look reasonable. I quickly threw on an oversized pink sweater with leggings. Throwing my hair into a bun I came out of the washroom and Jay shot me a smile handing me the bag, trying to convince me to let him put together a better outfit. I shook my head at him pinching his nose fondly. I took the bag from him laughing as he rubbed his now red nose mumbling about how I was so tiny that he couldn't even tell anyone about my abusive ways, they wouldn't believe him.

He dropped me off in front of the cafe and I walked in, my dreary mood brightening slightly as the sweet aroma of coffee and new books filled my senses, making me feel at home.

I walked into the office nearly dropping my things as I let out a loud squeal seeing Cyrus sitting in the office sending me a small smile. A small smile that despite my excited state was quite visible that the smile was tired, an ancient fatigue to it, one I couldn't relate to.

I kneeled down in front of him wrapping my arms around the man who was like a grandfather to me. His own arms wrapped around me his fragile warm hands coming up to pat my head. I pulled away from him my lips forming an involuntary pout as I realized how long it had been since I had gotten one of these hugs.

"I missed you cookie."  Cyrus said, and I smiled at him. The first time he had seen me I was a toddler and had immediately tried to attack the chocolate chip cookies in the display. Pouting unhappily when I couldn't get to them because of the glass. But me being a persistent child I had somehow managed to climb over it and was sitting on the counters eating cookies when Cyrus found me. According to him it was adorable, and since that day Cyrus had called me cookie.

"I missed you too Cyrus, you aren't allowed to stay away that long." I complained to him and he smiled at me gently pressing a kiss to my head.

"I promise I won't cookie." He said and I smiled at him, until I realized he was in a wheelchair but I covered up my shock, not wanting Cyrus to feel bad. Being in a wheelchair was nothing to be ashamed of but Cyrus had always been a very athletic man. He loved to walk, Maggie and him would often go on long walks, Cyrus walked everywhere. He owned a car but it had shut down due to him never using it for long periods of time, this must be difficult for him.

"You look very handsome." I complimented Cyrus and he smiled at me.

"Trying to impress Maggie?" I asked cheekily and Cyrus chuckled squeezing my cheek.
"You gotta keep looking sharp to keep such a beautiful woman." Cyrus said, his bright blue eyes filling with a soft adoration as Maggie walked into the office holding a huge pile of books her cheeks reddened and eyes bright at the exercise. I smiled at the two of them, what I would give to have something like that.

"Raine darling you mustn't disappear like that do you have any idea how worried I was when Jay called me telling you weren't at his place? Not to mention you left the cafe unlocked, so I thought you'd been kidnapped, and as always your phone was going straight to voicemail." Maggie scolded softly and I bit my lip, looking up at her sadly and she shook her head at me ruffling my hair knowing I was just pretending.

"Don't think you're being let off easy, where were you?" Maggie asked and I froze before hesitantly telling her.
"Do you remember Xavier Night, well he insisted I stay with him, in order to keep safe. I'm really sorry about the cafe, it's just you know, a man like that randomly asks you to come stay with him, you tend to forget some stuff." I told them, looking at Maggie apprehensively. Her and Cyrus forgot to lock the cafe more than they actually locked it, but it was different for the employee to do something like that, than for the owner to.

Maggie stared at me with her jaw dropped for a moment, before stooping down to fill in a confused Cyrus on what I was talking about. I watched them wearily for a moment, although I knew it was dumb of me to even think the two would fire me, I couldn't help but be a little scared. I loved my job, and spending time with the two of them, loosing my job was the last thing I wanted. Currently, it was the only thing providing a bit of normality in my life. My eye twitched as they both giggled to each other like schoolchildren, before simultaneously turning to look at me smugly, making my eyes widen.

"So he's just a good citizen offering a place for you to stay?" Cyrus said wiggling his brows and I blinked feeling a sense of déjà vu wash over me.

"It's only until he figures out who did it." I say quietly realizing how odd it sounded I was staying with a man I didn't know very well after a break in when I could stay with friends. At least they weren't mad about how irresponsible I had been leaving the cafe unlocked. Maybe just because it was a first time offence they were going to let me off.

"Or maybe forever." Maggie muttered under her breath to Cyrus, and I ignored it pretending I didn't hear it, not even when Cyrus whispered back
"Hopefully forever."

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