Chapter 31

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I step out of the cafe to see Xavier's familiar large black SUV waiting for me at the curb, with the owner leaned up against it. I walk towards him slowly, my cheeks turning a pink as I remember what had happened the last time Xavier had waited for me here. I shake my head trying to clear my thoughts as Xavier stares at me intently.
"You kept the scarf on." He says. His grey eyes are completely silver as he looks me over in my white coat, and his huge scarf, that nearly engulfs all of my upper half. The adoration they hold so intense that I couldn't meet his gaze, despite how intricately beautiful those melted silver eyes are.

"I-it's comfortable." I answer hesitantly nearly letting it slip out that I had kept it on because it smelled like him. I hand him the latte and cupcake, and he leans down to me pressing a soft kiss to my cheek, his hot very slightly chapped lips against my cold cheek causing them to redden further. He pulls away gently, grabbing my cold little hand in his, he leads me to the passenger seat opening the door for me and helping me in. He leans over me strapping my seatbelt on and I let out a small huff, making his lips quirk up in a small smirk as I glare at him.

He makes his way over to his own seat after closing my door, getting in he grabs his latte taking a long sip.
"It's delicious, thank you baby." He says and my eyes widen at the endearment, and I mumble a small no problem trying to hide my flaming cheeks.

"Raine would it be alright if a few people joined us for dinner tonight?" He asks, and I look at him wondering why he was asking me, I was just a guest after all.
"Of course, it is your house." I say. He didn't need to ask permission, admittedly my stay was longer than an average guest, Xavier was just such a gentleman. I smiled to myself, they still existed.
"It's yours too now love." He says, his voice leaving no room for argument.
"Well I have no problem with that." I say and he looks at me as we pull up to a stop light. I just fervently hoped I wouldn't embarrass him with how much of an awkward turtle I could be. His large warm calloused hand reaches up to cup my cheek softly.
"Alright." He says warmly. His eyes gaze me over longingly before the light turns green and unwillingly he lets go of me, putting the car back in gear he drives off.

"Snapadoodles." I mumble under my breath realizing I'd forgotten my phone charger at work. Xavier turns to me, his grey eyes filling with amusement before he lets out a husky warm chuckle. Unbuckling my belt he wounds an arm around my waist tightly, pulling me over to him making me let out a loud squeal.
"Snapadoodles really Raine, you don't even swear?" He whispers into my hair as he coddles my form to his large one, resting me into his lap. His large arms wrapping around me as he holds me to him, the car stopped in front of the house.

"Snapadoodles is a perfectly adequate phrase for expressing frustration." I say to him, pushing lightly against his chest but his arms tighten as he chuckles again, nuzzling his face into my hair.

"You look better in my scarf then I do." He tells me softly, and subconsciously I mumble I highly doubt that. He raises a brow at me, silently arguing my statement. Before leaning back into me and nuzzling his nose into my cheek.

"It's very soft, and warm." I tell him, looking up into his grey eyes framed with thick black lashes, that rest against his smooth tan skin when he blinks.

"You're soft." He says nuzzling his face into my own, the stubble tickling into my skin, and I squirm in his arms. Despite his muscled physique, he was actually very comfy and snuggly, quite a delight to sit on after a long shift at the cafe.

"And so beautiful." He mumbles his voice husky, and low. His legs push me up closer into his firm warm chest and he deeply inhales, his face digging into the soft skin of my throat.
"L-lets go inside." I suggest softly my heart thudding in my chest at his proximity.

He sighs softly resting his forehead against mine.
"As you wish love." He mumbles softly wrapping me up in his arms, he opens the door, getting out with me still in his arms.
"Xavier put me down." I say, and he shakes his head.

"You decide to go inside, I decide how." He says his eyes filled with amusement as they search my own to see if it was alright, and I huff, childishly turning my face away from him. Although it didn't do much good as he teasingly hiked me further up into his chest. It was quite impressive how he managed to open the door while holding me. Finally he sets me down, although it made me frown as I realize he wasn't winded at all. I lifted a bag of milk for a few moments and it had me on my knees panting, and I was definitely heavier than a bag of milk.

"Why don't you rest, I'll cook." He says and I nod. I would have argued, he too had just returned from work, but it was futile, I was hopeless when it came to cooking. Especially his professional chef like precision would only be disturbed by my presence. I climb up the stairs yanking off my coat, and gently resting the scarf on a couch before falling into bed. I dig my face into the pillow succumbing to my exhaustion. A small smile on my face as I fall asleep, thinking about a beautiful pair of silver eyes.

"Raine." A husky voice calls as the fog begins to clear.
"Love wake up." The voice says. Warm calloused hands take a gentle grip of my face repositioning it until it rests on a warm hard surface. I groan snuggling my cheek deeper into the warm pillow.
Large hands gently massage my head as a small sigh escapes me, the large fingers rubbing against my skull, warming up my skin.

I open my eyes slowly, letting out a yawn, blowing out my hair from my mouth, and my gaze meets a thick knit black sweater. My eyes widen, I had slept on creme silk pillows not a black sweater. My gaze slowly travels up, to see the thick sweater expanding over a broad chest finally ending as a v-neck. Revealing smooth tan skin, stretched over a well defined collar bone, connected with a thick neck to a sharp sculpted jaw covered by slight stubble. Plump pouty red lips, a slightly crooked nose, and finally the silver eyes that confirm my frightening doubts. My head rested on Xavier's expensive jean clad thigh as I had snuggled my face into his thick black sweater covered muscled stomach. He massaged my head lightly as he cooed for me to wake, and I being the idiotic deep sleeper I was, had been snuggling into his abdominal muscles like a deranged kitten.

I shoot away from him mumbling apologies as he stares at me curiously, his silver gaze following my every movement, taking in every inch of my horrifyingly sleep ridden form. Looking at me as if I were some priceless piece from an art exhibit, and not the post-nap monster I actually was.

"I wouldn't have woken you, but you haven't eaten." He tells me softly, his hand going up to gently tuck a wild curl away from my face. I had silky wavy hair that went absolutely chaotic when I slept. I usually woke up looking like I'd gone through a tornado, and not survived.

"Thank you, I just, I'm sorry for assaulting you." I say mumbling the last part, and his eyes fill with amusement.
"I made something for you to eat." He says getting off the bed, going to walk out of my room and I let myself fall back on the bed as he nears the door. I press a pillow into my face in embarrassment, peaking from beneath it when he turns back towards me standing in the doorway.

"Just for future reference Raine, you can assault me anytime you want." He says in his deep husky voice, his grey eyes shining with amusement as he walks out leaving me with bright red flaming cheeks, wide eyes, and of course my mouth agape.

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