Chapter 37

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I pulled my shirt over my head throwing it into the hamper, along with my jeans, getting into the fuzziest warmest pyjamas I owned. Pyjamas were one of the few good things in the world, they were up there on the list with chocolate. The light pink buttoned shirt hung loose on my frame, irritating me as I tried to tie the drawstring on my bottoms as it kept getting in the way. I rubbed my eyes as I made my way out of my room yawning as I walked towards the kitchen. Today was my first day back to university, I'd skipped some lessons opting to spend some time with Maggie instead. It's been weeks since the incident as beautiful as the service had been for Cyrus it was no closure.

I stumbled into the kitchen nearly tripping over the long hem of my pyjamas,slightly out of breath Xavier's home was much too large walking through it daily wasn't the cup of tea for a cringe worthily unfit person. My knees cracked nearly as loud as thunder when I bent down, it sometimes frightened customers. I wasn't exactly the human embodiment of grace. I would have to remember to look for a home that wasn't at all on the large side walking was not my domain. I poured myself some milk into a mug, mugs were so much better then normal glasses and I wasn't going to deprive myself of life's simplest pleasures.

I heard the door open quietly making me stiffen, would I be able to make it to my room, the stairs were near but I wasn't very quick. I was avoiding Xavier since that day, since I'd woken up in his bed wrapped up in his strong muscled arms the warmth of his bare chest pressing into my back, he held me so close to his chest even in his sleep. I didn't want to worry him, he had a business to run, personal matters to deal with he was a busy man. But it was very difficult to avoid him, especially since I was staying in his home, avoiding the man was taking a whole lot of effort from me, energy that I didn't have. Although he didn't seem to appreciate my cowardly ways, often while running out the door I'd feel his dark stormy gaze settled on me, it was slightly unsettling but for the best. He needn't worry about me.

Maybe if I was quiet he wouldn't notice. The thought of staying at Jay's for the night had crossed my mind but that was too drastic a move, that would attract attention, as long as I stayed busy I could keep away from him. The cafe was still closed but I had a key, so I would go there to study when not with Maggie. 

I was currently looking for an apartment soon I'd let Xavier know I was moving out, he'd done so much for me, but I couldn't just stay here forever. I heard him close the closet very softly, his coat was off that seemed to put me in gear. I quickly placed the milk back in biting into my lip near painfully as I almost dropped the carton but luckily I managed to place it back in the fridge.

I turned around hoping to stealthily walk up the stairs to get into my room, my eyes on the milk to ensure it wouldn't spill. My breath got caught in my throat as I looked up only for my eyes to be met with with grey ones, seemingly a storm caged within thick  black lashes.

He was angry, he had a right to be, but he really was furious and it was terrifying. His brows were furrowed, plump red lips pursed, it was the infamous Night glare but way mellowed out, maybe that was the doing of the pyjamas. My theory was that not even lightening would strike fuzzy pyjamas they were much too precious.

I swallowed thickly as he simply stared at me his jaw ticking, maybe I could get out from the side. He stalked closer to me slowly, his gate predator like, a lion stalking its prey. He made me feel more like a doe eyed gazelle than I ever had, I stumbled backwards unthinkingly his eyes narrowed as I moved away from him my feet propelling me away from him but that didn't stop him. The enticement of a chase only encourages a lion.

My steps were no match for his, three of mine seemed to equal just one of his, but he took his time with the chase, giving the prey the illusion it could get away. My eyes widened as I felt my back hit the counter, I looked back to see my lower back pressed against the high counter, but looking away was my mistake.

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