Chapter 24

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Whisking the eggs gently, I reached for the milk pouring some in as I hummed to myself. I threw prices of toast into the toaster, Xavier was huge, he probably had a big appetite too.
The bacon simmered in the pan, and my mouth watered, I had woken up unusually hungry, in the large bed. I didn't want to intrude by making myself breakfast, but I was too hungry, and Xavier didn't seem to be around.

"Good morning Raine." A deep velvety voice called out making me nearly drop the eggs I was whisking, but I managed to cling to it turning to see Xavier standing there staring at me, an odd sense of being content in his eyes, maybe he really liked eggs and bacon too.

"Morning." I stuttered and his eyes softened further, he reached his hand out resting it on the side of my face cupping my cheek gently in his large warm rough hands.

"I-I'm sorry, for not asking, to make breakfast." I said looking up at him hoping he wouldn't be too upset, his face contorted into a frown, he nuzzled my face in his hand, his other hand coming up so that he held my face in both hands he leaned down so that we were closer.

"You don't have to ask love, what's mine is yours." He said his deep voice gentle but stern, and I nodded slowly, reluctantly he let me go, and I turned back to the bacon flipping it.

"I stopped by your room first, I thought you'd run away when I saw you weren't there." He said in his deep voice, but what he said next had my heart skipping a beat in my chest.

"I thought I'd have to hunt you down." My eyes widened as I stared at him, seeing a man double your size talk about hunting you down, was very harmful to ones heart, especially so early in the morning.

"H-hunt me down?" I said my voice cracking, sounding more shrill then I wanted it too.

"Yes, I need to keep you safe." He said, and I nodded feeling a bit relieved, it was for safety purposes he wasn't upset that I had touched his bacon.

"Here, let me finish up the eggs." He says holding his hand out for the bowl but I shake my head, sending him a small smile.

"Sit down I got it." I say and his face turns completely sombre, and he nods, his eyes filling up with an unrecognizable emotion, he sits down on one of the stools at the breakfast bar.

I quickly finished up breakfast, piling it into plates, making sure his plate was heaping with food, filling mine up to the brim as well, I walked to him setting it down in front of him. I turned to sit across from him, but a hand gently latched onto my wrist, turning me around.

"Thank you." He said softly, pressing his warm, soft, very subtly chapped lips to the back of my hand, making me blush a deep red and he stared at me intensely releasing my hand from his grip. It felt like fireworks had exploded on the back of my hand, that's an odd type of shock, it was pleasant. I stumbled towards my seat awkwardly, how could a man so intimidating and powerful be so gentle.

We ate in silence, something comfortable the type of silence I had always longed for, never had I ever met anybody who I could simply sit in silence with comfortably, my over talkative friends and mom would always chatter my ear off, encouraging me to talk as well and as much as I loved them I had always hoped I would one day meet a person, who with I wouldn't feel the need to fill silences.

I got up grabbing my plate reaching for his, but he put his hand over mine, and I looked up at him confused.
"You cooked, let me wash the dishes." He said grabbing both our plates from me he made his way to the sink. It was a sight to see the huge hulking man dressed up, washing dishes.

"I should go, I have to get to work." I said wanting to let him know before I left, he turned to me raising a brow at my nervous behaviour as I stumbled from foot to foot.
"I'll drop you." He said turning away his voice leaving no room for discussion.

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