Chapter 18

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I walked out of my kitchen carrying a bowl of extra buttery popcorn, and went to take my seat between Jay and Sophie, they immediately pounced onto the fresh ball of popcorn, almost crushing me in the process. That was why I hated sitting between those two, but they always claimed since I was the smallest I had to sit in the middle.

We were all having a movie night, like we often did, Sophie had planned a date with somebody she met at work, but after Maggie told her what happened with me and Mr.Night at the cafe she had cancelled and driven over with tubs of my favourite ice cream as an apology. Jay had popped up later on, sashaying in like the diva he was plopping himself on the spot available next to me, like always making sure that Sophie and him were squishing me, although they both would never admit it they were cuddlers, and I always got caught in their unannounced cuddling obsession.

Jay wiggled trying to get comfortable, and elbowed me right in the ribs effectively knocking the air out of me, and I doubled over in my seat as Sophie yelled at him. It took quite a while to calm them down, perhaps that's also why I was in the middle, to ensure they wouldn't bite each other's heads off. Both had very strong personalities, both were sassy they were practically made to but-heads. We had all just settled down but I could feel the two glaring at each other over my head, and I rolled my eyes nudging both of them.

They both stayed silent throughout the whole movie, which was completely surprising they could never stay quiet during a movie, their bickering was annoying but this odd behaviour was unsettling. I had just put a second movie in and sat down when Sophie turned to me abruptly breaking the silence that had settled over us.

"Are we actually not gonna talk about what happened?" Sophie asked, and I turned to her frowning slightly what was there to talk about.

"Sophie!" Jay hissed.

"Jay no." I said turning back to Sophie.

"What is it Sophie?" I asked, was she going to speak about our mini disagreement because I thought we were over that.

"Xavier Night." Sophie said, and I bit down on my lip, this was the one thing I didn't want to talk about it had been almost a week since the incident with him in the cafe, and I had been trying, with very little success to not think about him.

"Why would he ask you out?" She asked, and I made a face, I knew I wasn't exactly attractive, but I never thought I was absolutely repulsive.

She looked at my face, and Jay's appalled expression and hurried to explain herself.
"I mean, he basically rules all of North America, and you you're like a tiny innocent little fur ball." She says, and this time I look at her appalled while Jay laughs at her analogy.

"I'm not a fur ball, and neither am I tiny." I exclaim annoyed, crossing my arms over my chest in effort to look larger and more intimidating but Sophie just stares at me blankly and I sigh giving up.

"I don't know why, it's confusing to me too, I actually thought he was going to kill me more than half the times when I was with him. And although I am not absolutely helplessly small, I do agree why would a man like that ever-" I trailed off not knowing what to call his question.

"Ask you out?" Jay offers and I make a face at the term but nod. Xavier Night didn't seem like a man to do something as normal as ask one out, that was for the other people, the ordinary it didn't seem right to classify him with them, everything he did seemed to be so much more.

"Did you ever you know hit on him or come onto him in anyway?" Sophie asks her voice hesitant and small but her eyes showing her plain curiosity. Sophie was upfront, there was no sugar coating with her she said it as she saw it.

"No." I exclaim.

"You know me, I am incapable of flirting with anyone, especially a man like Xavier Night. I couldn't even speak to him without stuttering like an imbecile." I say wrinkling my nose at how much of an idiot I must have looked like to him stuttering and blushing.

"You're an idiot for even thinking Raine would ever flirt with anyone, let alone Night." Jay said making a disgruntled face at Sophie, to which she stuck her tongue out in response, and I settled back while they argued with each other, lost in thoughts of why a man like Xavier Night would ever be even remotely interested in me, if he even was.

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