Chapter 38

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"Raine would you stay back for a moment." My head snapped up from my notes as I heard my professor say my name. I stuffed my notebook back into my bag carefully placing the pen on a side pocket so as to not loose it in my mess of a bag. I mumble a small farewell to Tyler who sat beside me.

"Mr.Hale you wanted to see me." I said softly.
"Yes Raine actually you missed a few lessons earlier in the semester and I just wanted to ensure you've got the notes for those classes." He says.
"I got them from Tyler." I say with a small smile.

"You are alright though aren't you?" He asks narrowing his eyes at me in an uncomfortable scrutiny. Mr.Hale looked more like a deranged detective than a university professor.
"I'm fine, thank you though." I say trying to maintain eye contact to show him I was telling the truth.

"If something is wrong you can talk to me or the school councillors we spend a lot of money on those. Yet you kids are as crazy as ever, absolute raving lunatics." He says mumbling the last part his eyes widening slightly as he realizes he said it out loud.

"You never heard that now scurry along Ms.Pierce and make no mistake I have no intention of going easy on your upcoming assignment. I'm going to bury you kids under coursework." He says his eyes gleaming as he speaks making me eyes widen and my lips curve downwards in distaste as I nod my head shakily, speaking of councillors it wouldn't exactly hurt for him to make an appointment with one himself. My eyes twitches one last time before I mumble a small bye to him quickening my walk as I see him pass me a salut. I worried about this school and their human resources department how had this man been deemed passable to influence young minds. Well, at least he had personality.

I walked out seeing Jay's little white hatchback waiting for me in the parking lot as he waved at me to hurry near bouncing in his seat.
"Jesus Raine can't you walk faster." He says as soon as I open the door. A squeal escapes me as he grabs my arm yanking me into the seat.

"Wait." A loud voice yells and I turn to look back through the open window my eyes widening as I catch sight of the school security running up to us. My head near smashing against the door frame as the car lurches forward, a hand grabbing me by the nape pulling my head back into the car.
"Never look back." Jay hisses making my eyes widen, what in the world was going on.

"Wha-" I start but am cut off as Jay shushes me violently and my nose scrunches up as I see spit fly out through his gritted teeth.
"No time for questions." He says his voice so shrill it reaches levels some opera villains could only dream of.

I try to hold onto my seat as he races away from the school my head unfortunately jamming into the doorframe as he takes a sharp left turn. I open my mouth to curse at him but he shushes me again and I scowl to myself rubbing at my sore head, mumbling to myself quietly.

Only does he start slowing down after we have made it a good mile away from the main intersection. I seal my lips tightly giving him a moment to breathe.

"Explain." I say through gritted teeth still clutching my injured head.

"I didn't know we had to pay for parking." He says his candy green eyes opened wide attempting to appear innocent, but I'd known him far loo long to fall for that.

"Yes you did." I hiss glaring at him menacingly and he tries to hold his innocent look his lips forming a childish pout. After a few moment when the realization makes way through his thick skull that I wasn't letting through this time.

"Okay fine, but parking is just so expensive and I was only going to be there for a moment to pick you up. So since my cars small and there's a side walk I was just going to go around the barrier." He says.

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