Chapter 6

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I stepped out of the building waving to the girl I had been sitting beside in class. My eyebrows furrowing as I struggled to match a name with her face, I was hopeless when it came to names. I shook out my hand that was all cramped up after taking so many notes.

I tightened my coat around myself trying to preserve the warmth until I reached the cafe. Today was one of those days where I had school and I was working at the cafe. Despite how relaxing of an atmosphere the cafe had, being the only cafe in town, around midday it could get quite busy.

Settling my backpack comfortably on my shoulder, I walked on the side walk, getting weird looks from other walkers as I mouth the lyrics of a song stuck in my head as I walk. Perhaps my doctor had been lying to me when she said in my case talking to myself was perfectly healthy. I just liked to say my thoughts out loud, but everyone in town looked at me as I were some circus creature every time I did.

I walked into the cafe heading towards the back room to see Maggie sitting there sipping on her usual cup of earl grey. I too was a tea lover, but unlike her I liked mine loaded with sugar. I smiled at her, greeting her warmly while setting my stuff up.

We were just chatting about the new books coming in when the door bell chimed signaling customers had arrived. I hurried out greeting the beautiful young family while asking them their orders.

I felt my heart sink looking at them as I brewed fresh coffee for the parents. I missed my own parents so much and while I wouldn't take back my decision to go to a far away university I did miss my parents more then I could say. They were amazing people and I had always wanted a love like theirs.

I served the drinks to the waiting family earning sweet shy words of gratitude from the two adorable children. I giggled at the little boys looking at me with their big eyes and bent down to their level answering. The family soon left and I was left attending to the rest of the customers that came in.

After an hour of bustling about trying to quickly get the drinks out to the many customers Maggie came out to help me. Together we were serving drinks and helping customers to find their desired books. I let out a little breathy laugh as I watch Maggie giving a customer who's reading a book without purchasing it the stink eye. Many customers would simply sit in the cafe and read the books, without paying for them, saying they were still deciding if ever called out. The couple I'm serving gives me a strange look at my random outburst of laughter.

It was late afternoon when the cafe finally quieted down. I let Maggie go back to ordering books while I cleaned the cafe up.

I was just finishing cleaning the last table when I heard the door bell chime. I heard footsteps but I continued tidying until I heard a deep velvety voice call out.
"Excuse me."

I turned around only to freeze when I saw who was sitting there. It was Xavier Night sitting idly in the comfy couch chairs staring at me intensely. The dark blue dress shirt he wore making the stormy grey colour of his eyes even more prominent. His eyes were so coldly beautiful, they could leave a person breathless even at this distance.

I felt my heart hammering in my chest as I slowly made my way over to him thinking this was it. I was going to be murdered by the mafia for unknown reasons and it was probably going to look like an accident. No one would ever know what had happened to me. The intense way with which he was looking at me, had no other plausible reasoning. I'd probably accidentally offended him, and now he was here to seek revenge.

I finally stood near his table trying to maintain enough distance so that I could run if needed.

"W-what can I get for y-you sir?" I stuttered out blushing at my own incompetence. It seemed as if his eyes softened when they rested on my reddened cheeks and he leaned towards me, slowly getting up almost as if he was afraid to startle me.
"I wanted to know how you were doing." He stated cautiously. His deep voice quieter than usual, he was making an effort to not frighten me.

"I mean to ask if that man had bothered you again." He explained when he saw my confused expression. I prepared myself to answer trying to quietly clear my throat.
"No." I tried to say in a firm strong voice but it came out as a squeak when I made the mistake of looking into his eyes. From afar they were so cold, but up close if you had the courage to look into them, you could see there was a storm brewing within. One that suggested that he wasn't as emotionless as he may appear from afar.

"Low lives like him are easy to scare off, but if he does come back, do tell me. I'll get rid of him for you." He said. My eyes widened thinking of the possibilities of what Xavier Night meant by getting rid of someone.

"I don't think that would be necessary, he's gone for sure but thank you." I quickly rushed out. He looked at me calculatingly for a moment, to see if I were just trying to get rid of him or if I really meant it. The answer to his curiosity was one I was even unsure of. We stood there in awkward silence, and I tried to avoid looking at him directly, while he drilled holes into the side of my face with his intense eyes. He finally spoke up interrupting the silence.

"Can I order something, or are you guys closing?" He asked.
"No, no we're not closed." I stated and then when he didn't respond the nerves made me embarrass myself further
"You can order." I blurted out. The sides of his lips quirked up a bit and his grey eyes swarmed with amusement. It was as if I was hellbent on making a fool of myself in front of him, he probably thought I was a mess. Which admittedly I was most of the time.

"I-I'll just let you decide." I said awkwardly wanting to get away, before I could make more of a fool of myself, although I doubted it was possible.

"What would you suggest?" He asked confidently causing me to turn back towards him and he took the opportunity to take a step closer towards me.
"T-the lattes are very good, so are the mochas, the cappuccinos are brilliant, the teas are spectacular and the coffee is very fresh." I blurted out resorting to my embarrassing habit of rambling when I feel nervous. Nearly panting at the end of my rushed sentence.

"What would you suggest, for me?" He questioned making me nearly drop the towel I was holding. His question sounded strangely intimate, his husky voice deepening, warming in a way that gave me the chills, but confusingly they weren't bad.

"F-for you?" I repeated idiotically, having to repeat the words to make them register. He just nodded slowly the amusement back in his eyes as he stared at me like a lion would it's prey.
"The coffee is the most popular choice." I offered not knowing what to say.

"That's not what I asked now was it amica mea?" He asked, his strong presence getting overbearing as he leaned further towards me so close that I could feel his cool breath on my face. I backed away gulping.
"T-the gingerbread latte." I said offering up my favourite when my mind conjured a blank. But as I pondered this man holding the whipped cream and garnished with an adorable smiley face drink, I realized that was a horrible choice.
"H-how about the dark roast coffee?" I suggested instead.

"No love I'll have the gingerbread latte." He ordered.
"A-alright I will bring that right to you s-sir." I answered, mentally face-palming at my shaky speech. I'd never met somebody as intimidating at him, let alone spoken to someone like him, it was terrifying to say the least, but in a way thrilling. It left me blushing and stammering like a moron.

He watched me as I all but sprinted away from him to the safety of the small feeble counter. I started making the drink turning my back to him but still I could feel his eyes drilling holes into me causing my blood to pump faster in my veins.

Soon a buzzing interrupted the soft jazz music of the cafe and his voice rang out as he growled out a quiet what into the phone. The other person seemed to talk for a moment as Xavier Night stood in silence.
"I'll be right there." He said in response to whatever the person had said.

"On second thought love make that latte to go." His husky voice rang out much closer then I had expected and I nearly jumped out of my skin turning to find him right against the counter gazing at me intensely.

"A-alright." I answered finishing the latte off with a smiley face as customary and handing it off to him in our light blue snowflake patterned cups.

"That's 3.50 Mr.Night." I said. He reached out handing me a five dollar bill his hand gently touching my finger before pulling away. I felt sparks against my skin causing me to look up startled, he must have shocked me. His pupils dilating, as his grey eyes darkened fractionally.

"That's Xavier to you love." He said making my jaw drop as I looked up at him, and as he turned, I could have sworn his eye dropped into a wink.

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