Chapter 41

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Caution: Very violent content, please don't read this if you are unable to bear violence.

Even if I'd have tried I wouldn't have been able to move, but who ever could if the sight to behold was even similar to mine. How were you to react to seeing the very man you called your beloved doing such a thing. What were you to do when it felt as if in just moments your very earth had shattered beneath your feet, as if it had moved without letting you know, without taking you along.

His powerful leg swung back before coming forward with an earth shattering momentum, connecting with a sickening crunch to the ribs of the man who lay before him pitifully. It was as if the world had slowed, as the blow rippled through the man, rising up until it hit his mouth, which lay wide open, as blood leaked from his parted cracked lips. Blood seeping through his teeth. Harsh coughs escaped the man on the floor as he propped himself up on one quivering arm attempting to shuffle away from the very man I'd realized I'd come to love.

Xavier stood before him, his chin high in triumph, head tilted slightly in a perverse defiance to morals, his large hand tucked into the pocket of finely pressed dress pants. His jaw clenched tightly, his powerful features no longer only striking but also a cause for fear. The regal way he stood, as if the man before him was simply filth, and he the ruler of them all. The once beautiful melting silver eyes were now a solid dark grey, the storm within them no longer of love and affection but of anger, and ruthless aggression.

He bent down slowly grabbing the man from his collar to speak to him, his voice far from the soft way that he spoke to me. The depth of it no longer giving a sense of protection, but now striking the bells of alarm.
"You thought you could get away after what you did?" Xavier growled, his voice full of menace, a means of condescending the man who lay pitifully before him. The man's nearly black hair in absolute disarray, blue eyes filled with fear as he gazed up at Xavier, the way one looked at their end, the way one would look at death if it were to come before them. My eyes barely registered the men who stood behind Xavier, flanked on his sides but a safe distance away. Allowing for their boss to take out his aggressions as they simply watched quietly.

His hand forming a gigantic fist, before being propelled towards the nose of the man by the force in his large muscular body. The man's nose twisted gruesomely, but he had no time to recover before Xavier's fist was coming back towards his eye. The man sputtered and gasped for breath in Xavier's grasp desperately trying to free his collar from Xavier's unrelenting hold. His breathing growing laboured a sure sign of his ribs fracturing something vital. Xavier got back up, his leg swinging at the man once again sending him flying into the wall behind him. His body colliding with it and crumpling inwards as every instinct of the man fought to survive.

The man trembled against the wall backing himself further into it as Xavier menacingly made his way towards him, a deadly smirk coming onto his plump lips as he caught sight of the man's uncontrollable trembling. A triumphant look in those stormy grey eyes as he saw the way the mans body shuddered, backing itself further into the wall despite the obvious pain it caused him to move. As he moved closer to the man, the man's eyes became frantic, searching for anything to protect himself from the very person intending to end him. The man reached out a weak trembling arm to the vase that sat near him, letting out a heart wrenching cry as he turned onto his stomach to reach it, putting unbearable pressure on his surely broken ribs.

Xavier simply watched him for a moment, allowing the man's fingers to graze the glass, for his eyes to fill with hope before he lunged. Crushing the man's hand beneath his large foot, the heel of his dress shoes digging firmly into the bones of the man's hand, making him cry out as he tried to wrench his hand free. Xavier latched onto the vase pulling it out of the man's reach.

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